The Ireland/N. Ireland Team In Orlando

Ireland 7:8

We are happy, well fed and almost on our way. The air conditioning at the Orlando International Airport is still being oooohed and ahhhed over, even though we have been here for over 4 and 1/2 hours. No jackets are being worn…yet! We just went through security with no problems.

Our baggage check-in went really smooth as well…the best I have ever experienced! In just over an hour, we will be boarding our plane. The next time you hear from us, we will be Irish lads and lasses!Before I sign off, I want to thank Lana and Warner Workman (Isabella’s parents) for spoiling our team with a McDonald’s supper last night!  The fresh fruit, sodas and other goodies they gave were very much appreciated too!

i asked your children this question: “What do you miss most about Boot Camp?” and these were their responses:

“Seeing all the other teams.” -Taylor
“I miss the OC…I miss the Wall believe it or not.  I miss everything about Boot Camp!” -Izzy
“I miss the rallies.” -Talia
“Seeing the other teams.” -Claire
“I miss everything about Boot Camp!” -Meredith
“I miss Drama classes.” -Yoonho
“I miss the rallies, the OC and doing my personal devotions in the jungle.” -Nate
“I miss the rallies, specifically the Circuit Riders.” -Benet
“I miss the rallies.” -Sarah
“I miss the rallies.” -Kaitlyn
“I miss the rallies.” -Evan
“I miss the Russia team!” -Eliza
“I miss the rallies.” -Tiffany

Looks like the rallies were a team favorite!  We will write again soon.



  1. Warner Workman

    For clarity, I gave our surrogate hugs to team members that needed them, in lieu of parents not being there….

    Warner workman

  2. I also want to thank the Workmans for all they did for the team. Many of us parents would have loved to be there but couldn’t. Also for the pics and videos they shared.
    Thank you also to the team leaders. I heard Ireland had the best ones.
    Good-bye, Ireland team and God bless you. May He grant you boldness to share his love with Ireland.

  3. Praying for you guys. Have a fantastic time!

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