Indiana At The Fairs

Indiana 7:9

Greetings from team Indiana!

We are thankful for the safety the Lord gave us as we traveled to Evansville, arriving on Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday our team was blessed to attend a church where we were able to give a presentation with songs, a drama and two testimonies.  After the service the church had a potluck dinner for us where we enjoyed their fellowship and delicious home cooked food.  We then spent a relaxing afternoon back at TTT reviewing our memory verses, having some team devotion time and some instructions from George and Tami Dooms regarding our fair share time.

Today (Monday), we had our first day of our “normal” schedule which includes private devotions, group Bible study, GG classes (Grubby to Grace for the girls and God’s Gentlemen for the guys) and of course breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our team left around 2:30 to go to their first fair share of the summer. The leaders were excited to see the teens step up and be bold about sharing the Gospel with those in attendance at the county fair.  The ministry we are working with, TTT (Telling the Truth) sets up a small 10×10 tent with a table where they offer free ice water to those passing by.  Our teens ask the attendees if they would be interested in taking a short 10 question survey about teenagers… . The first seven questions are just general questions about teenage life in the US, but the last three relate to whether they and their best friend would go to heaven if they died tonight.  Based on the answer to these questions, our teens have the opportunity to share the Gospel message with them.  TTT also offers them a free Bible. The team also used the Puppets, Balloons, Coloring Books, Wordless bracelets and the Battleground Drama to share the gospel.

It is such a blessing to be able to serve the Lord in this way.  We ask for your prayers as the team goes out every evening to the county fairs around us in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.  Pray that we would continue to share God’s Word with boldness, clarity and love.

Praise the Lord team Indiana is now sharing Christ at the fairs. Mickie was able to pray with the first person who received Jesus as their Savior. She says “It was an amazing experience seeing someone who needed Jesus and being able to show them the right way. She was so excited to learn  new things and have a Bible to take home and she smiled and said thank you. She’s looking forward to going to church and learning.


We gave surveys to over 100 people on our first night and saw more than 12 decisions for Christ!




  1. So proud of my daughter Mickie and what God is doing in her life!

  2. WOW so excited for your opportunities to share God’s love. Thank you for the update and great picture. Praying for a wonderful experience for both teams working with T.T.T.

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