Malawi Is In D.C.

Malawi 19

Greetings from DC! The Malawi team is excited and tired, but glad to be on our way. We arrived in DC about 11:30am and the airline is putting us up in a hotel for the night. The only problem was how to get all of our bags to the hotel with just the small airport van. After a little bit of running around and talking to a couple people, God made a way for our bags to be kept in a locked room at the airport!!! I am so thankful we did not have to take all 53 duffel bags with us! Then it was off to the hotel for some pizza and pop! The team spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and resting. Most of them are already going to bed since we have get up for another long day of traveling. Please pray that all of our bags will get to Malawi the same day we do! The team is very excited to finally be on their way to Africa. Note to parents: There were not a lot of pay phones at the DC airport. We did our best to make sure every team memember called at least one parent and left a message. ALL of the team members tried, however, some did not get through. But please know they all did try. Thanks for allowing your teens to come this summer. They are doing a wonderful job and us leaders are very proud of them!


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