The Honduras Team Is Doing Great!

13003 Honduras

I want to first apologize that the update is late. We have had internet problems and I have had to go to an internet café to send you this report, I hope it  has not caused worry.

We have completed our first week of work here in Honduras and have made good progress. The team has painted the first of two colors on one of the cabins we have been working. They have completed all but a few cuts on the trusses and would have finished if we had not run out of 2×4’s, more have been ordered. Lastly the team finished ¾ of the support beam around the top of the house. We will pick up where we left off when we finish our last week of E.V.

God has been good to us. We have had some sickness on the team but nothing serious. Everyone who has been ill has only had to spend one day sleeping it off. We praise God that He has allowed us to continue strong and move forward with what we have come to do.

The team is excited about our upcoming evangelism week. They practiced on Saturday and Sunday and have put new people in the program.

I hope to send pictures when the internet is back up at the base.

Your kids are doing an amazing job. You should (and I’m sure you are) be very proud of what they are doing here in Honduras. They have been a blessing wherever they have gone. Please pray for our upcoming evangelism week that many will hear and accept the truth that is being brought to them. Please pray that our health would remain strong and that we would stay united as a team. To God be the Glory.

“Out of my three trips, I would agree that this is definitely a new experience. I have made friends with my teammates and some of the nationals. Lucky for us, we have Esther who translates for us and is very good at it. To everyone who is looking at this right now; God is working every day, He is working in your life too!” Larissa Pingley

“Since being on the field, God has really been teaching me patience. After a long day of work or a night when I wasn’t able to get much sleep, little things my team members did can tempt me to be impatient and respond negatively to them. However, God has been helping me to stay positive and patient and has been giving me opportunities to practice this particular fruit of the Spirit, which is really going to help me, not only for the rest of this trip, but also for situations in the future.” Kaylee Gerdes


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  1. Jennifer Kimbrell

    Thank you! Many people in Augusta, Georgia are praying for you all!

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