The Philippines Team In LA

Phil. 7:9-1 Phil. 7:9-2

The Philippines team is at the gate in Lax waiting to board our flight to Hong Kong. We spent the night in the Orlando airport before heading to lLAX. We were met by Mrs. Gerhart and her daughter with cookies and fresh fruit for us. We then took a trek to “In ‘N Out” burger, only a mile away. It was so good. We spent the next 14 hours working on verses, sleeping and
just spending time together. Our trip to Kong will be 15 hours, then we have a flight to Cebu, where we stay for almost 22 hours. We then fly to Manila before our final flight to Butuan. We appreciate everyone’s prayers as we continue traveling. We look forward to finally arriving in the Philippines on July 11. We have had many opportunities to tell people what we are doing. Thank you for praying.



  1. I am glad they had the opportunity to eat at In-and-Out Burger while they were there. Now they know what a real fast food hamburger tastes like. I am blessed to hear that they are all doing well and God is continuing to bless them. What a blessing it was for them to be met at the airport and blessed with cookies and fresh fruit. I pray that God will continue to bless them with safe travel and little blessings as they travel. I also pray that they take those opportunities when people ask what they are doing to witness for the Lord. Once they left Teen Missions International they were entering the mission field. May God use them for His glory and may their light so shine before men that they see their good works and Glorify their Father which is in heaven. Bless you guys and gals.

  2. Praying and Praising every step of the way-God is good!

  3. Thanking God for His protection, minute by minute for this team! Continuing in prayer for safe travels and health for the team. Thanking God for every opportunity to share His love during travel time!

  4. Praise the Lord for His protection and guidance! Praying for your safe trip to Butuan!

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