Zambia Continues To Work Hard!

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Greetings from the Zambia team! Our work continues as the Lord goes before us providing strength and encouragement.
Our last report was sent seven miles away from our worksite with a local Church member’s laptop. There was an electrical  outage in the village, so we went into the headmaster’s closet where he had a solar battery pack he let us use. Each report is an adventure to send. Lauren again provided the typing skills for our report.
The team is eating well, but keeping up with their appetites has proved to be quite a task. Meal time remains one of our team’s favorite times. KP duties include helping to prepare meals in the primitive kitchen.
The teachers have been challenged, teaching to children who know very little English but need to learn it as it is Zambia’s official language uniting the 70 tribes and dialects. Some of the children walk up to six miles each way to attend. Jacob, Kianna,  and Ayla have done a superb job with the children.
The local villagers have joined us at the bridge project. Children come out after school to watch and help. Cambrie has been ministering to the children with the wordless bracelets and songs.
Last week it was determined that the culverts were too low, so they were removed and many loads of rock were purchased and placed in the river bed. Monday, many bags of cement, sand and crushed stone were mixed to make a raised pad for the culverts. Today, the culverts will be placed  on the new concrete pad and crushed stone will be put down for the new road approach. Another large concrete pour is planned for Thursday. Our kids are amazed at how strong and how hard the Zambian men work. Many local men helped our team mix the concrete. Andy, Perry, Ethan, Wesley, Judah, and Claire are our team workhorses. They work day after day with willing spirits providing the strength we need on the job site.
Each night  we pray for each others sore muscles, blisters and needed strength for the new day.
Sunday, the team visited the nearby Baptist Church for Sunday services. The Church had spent the last two weeks preparing for the Americans to visit. They painted the Church with new mud form the river, dug an outhouse, and made new benches.  The Aids Orphan Unit facilitator, Joshua, preached in his local language and translated it for the team in English. We had an opportunity to put on our program for the Church as well. The puppets and our drama made them laugh, Wesley and Judah gave testimonies and we were able to share three songs.
Today, Ayla is accompanying Miss Sue and Mr. Yodder into the city to shop and post the report. She will have the opportunity to shop at the open market for team supplies and visit another Aids Orphan Unit. This trip entails traveling by truck 4 1/2 hours each way but a real cultural experience.
 We are just loving your kids, they are a wonderful group that love each other and our Lord Jesus!  We hope to post our next report by Thursday or Friday.


  1. Thanks so much for making such a big effort to post these reports. We are so excited to hear the news each week. We are praying for the team daily and are so pleased they are all doing well.

  2. Thank you so much for the updates! So far it is our only connection with the team. It’s exciting to hear all that you are doing and how the Lord is blessing your work. We are praying daily for your team. May the Lord continue to bless your time there!!

  3. So excited to see all the Lord is doing in our kiddos. Much prayer going out for the entire team. Thank You Jesus!

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