India Has Begun Their Second Project

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The India team has been very busy. Friday morning the team woke up to rain and lots of it. We packed up all of our kitchen and all of our gear. After we finished packing, the team was asked to perform a presentation at a prayer meeting that was being held at the property. The staff of Win Our Natives prayed for the team and presented them each with a coffee mug with their picture on it. About the time the prayer meeting finished, the vehicles to take us to the base arrived. The team wasn’t sure how all our stuff and the team would fit in the four TATA’S ( the large versions of taxis they have here that are about the size of a Honda CRV). After a lot of thought and creative packing, everything was loaded up. The team piled in for a ride that many of them compared to living a game of Mario cart. When the team arrived, the India BMW students were here to greet the team. We enjoyed a meal that had been prepared for us and then shared our evening devotions with the staff and students of Teen Missions India. Saturday was spent settling in and unpacking our kitchen. The team have been enjoying the showers and dorm rooms a lot, especially when the power is on and the fans are working. Sunday was especially busy as the team started their church experience sharing a Sunday service with the staff. Head leader, Sean, called up to share the message. The team shared a presentation. Shortly after that service ended, the team walked to a nearby village and shared at two different churches. We came back to the base to fill our water bottles and take a short break before walking two villages away to share at another church. We returned in the evening for dinner and as soon as dishes were washed, we headed out to a youth rally in another nearby village. In all, the team shared in four different churches and a youth rally yesterday. Testimonies were shared by Ellie G., Shelby C., Anne K., Hannah A., and Elise K. Some of the guys on the team, Chris T., Gabe F., Micah P., and David E., had the chance to share short sermons. The church members were very encouraged by the teams presentations. The team made it back to the base tired but excited about the opportunities they had had to share with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today the team is starting their work project on the third floor of the main base. We are cleaning up the worksite while waiting for the supplies to arrive that were ordered last week. The project is to lay block walls on the third story as well as pour a 40×60 concrete slab. We continue to work in the early mornings so we can be finished with our work by the time the heat of the day arrives. The temperatures remain in the upper. 90’s to low 100’s and in the mornings the team talks about the cool weather when it’s in the mid to low 80’s. Working in the mornings has also been helpful because the rains usually come in the afternoon and would slow our progress considerably. We are excited about starting the next leg of our journey here at the TMI base and hope to have many more stories to share with you next time.

Curt B. – So we have been here ( TMI base)  for about three and a half days. On Sunday we walked to four different churches and did our presentation at all of them. We have been having fun since we got here. We started our work project today. We started to make bricks and prepare to lay bricks for the third story rooms. We will also be making a small safety wall on the 3rd floor for a little more safety. We have all been complaining somewhat about how the water tastes or other things, but then we are reminded that we are here to serve God and to spread His word.

Danielle S. – I know for a fact that I’m not the smartest person; in reality I’m not even close. I think that I’ve almost always had an issue with trusting myself and others before God. I guess I could explain it like this: I see my judgement as more tangible than God’s and  I have an issue with trusting Him when I feel like I know right. The truth is that as a human, I CNA only see the now , and I can’t  even see that clearly. At this moment, I can see my pen and paper, and the blue table. I’m aware of the humidity , and I am aware of the people in my immediate surroundings. I don’t know what is happening back home, much less what is happening upstairs. God can see ( and fully comprehend ) past, present, and future; all of it. Who am I to trust my own pitifully finite self when I have an infinitely more powerful God watching over me? Being at Teen Missions has helped open my eyes to this truth, and I thank God for that.



  1. Jennie de Araujo

    Great update for the India team. Praying that each member will know the beauty of the Body of Christ, the church that He has redeemed around the world. Thank you for sharing all of these events with us.

  2. So very grateful to hear the details shared in this update!
    Psalm 33:18-22, Psalm 40, Psalm 48:9-10,
    Isaiah 26:4, Isaiah 50:4,
    Luke 1:75, John 17:7
    As life goes on here at home, we’re growing deeper roots of trust
    in our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, Rock, Delight
    & returning thanksgiving to Him for all the details He already knows…
    grand & intimate…
    for this team, these parents as well as all the other teams…
    in these days & in the ones to come.
    Great is His Faithfulness!

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