Peru Is Settled In And Ready To Work!

We praise the Lord that travel to Peru went safely. We all were growing weary by the end of our 22 hour layover in Lima, but we enjoyed rest and some fellowship together as a team. Tuesday was rather relaxed for the team as we settled into El Shaddai Bible Missionary Church and began to survey the work project. Lord willing, we will begin to work on building a pastor’s house behind the church Wednesday morning. Austin Jang and Tommy Eckhart enjoyed playing soccer with some of the children who came to play and other members on the team got to know the members of the church through playing the guitar and singing together. The whole team has commented on how friendly the Peruvians are! They are thoroughly enjoying the friendship,despite some charades and broken Spanish needed to communicate with the locals. Please continue to pray for the unity of the team and wisdom for the leadership as we begin our work project and evangelism.
So far this summer I learned that you need to rely on God for every step that you make or are about to make. I aslo learned that you need good team work when you do stuff together and that you need to stand by your teammates even though sometimes its tough. This summer I hope to work for the will of God and that He’ll use me and speak through me this summer as we minister here in Peru. – Joe Ruffner
This summer I am hoping to learn how to be a more faithful Christian. I am learning how to witness to people more effectively. I am also learning to have a filter when I speak which means I think about the things I say. I’m learning to be more patient. I’m learning to be nicer to people. I’ve also learned that I should be more grateful for the things I have. – Truman McKay





  1. We know about sleeping in the Lima airport because we slept there in Feb. We were happy our Pastor had us bring air mattresses. We just wanted to turn off the speakers for announcements so we could just sleep! Thank you God for our beds.

  2. I am so excited to see how God will be using Ann this summer! I am praying for her relationship with God to grow deeper and stronger. I am praying for amazing fellowship between team members and Peruvians. You are all in our prayers.

    Jenn Giffin

  3. pamela Kalisuch

    Thank you for the updates! We continue to pray for Ann and her team daily. May God be so rich to you all this summer!

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