The Haiti Team Has Arrived Safely At Their Project Site

15 Haiti
We have arrived safely!

After spending the night at the beautiful Santiago Mission House, the team loaded our luggage into one bus and ourselves into another and took a three-hour bus ride to the Haitian border. We filled out forms for leaving the Dominican Republic and other forms for entering Haiti, and then we crossed the border and drove just a few minutes to our beautiful project site in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

We have spent the afternoon setting up our tents and kitchen as well as meeting some of the kids who live nearby. As Hannah Monroe said, “When we got to Ouanaminthe, we suddenly had an entourage of excited kids whose eyes light up like fireworks when we wave at them!”

We will spend the next couple days getting settled in and setting up for our work project.

It’s exciting to finally be at our project site, and we look forward to getting to work!



  1. So glad to read this report! Safe passage and now safe ministry time! PRAYING lots for this group! Loads of hugs to May Bunn!

  2. We are praising the Lord that you have made it safely and will continue to pray as you begin your project. Thanks for the updates.

  3. We are glad your there!!!! We are praying for the weather, and that you will keep dry and safe. The Lord is with you and there is even oppertunity for the Good News in bad weather! Praying for all of you.

    Grace & Peace
    Bart & Gloria Ankrom

  4. Betty Neiderman

    Blessings to all. Hello to Patrick Brown

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