The Philippines Team Is ALMOST There!

Phil. 7:9-2

After much travel and a few obstacles, the Philippines team has arrived in Cebu, Philippines. We were met at the airport by a lovely lady named Lenny, with the Sunshuine Corner Ministry of Encouragement, Inc. Some of their students and residents have been on Teen Missions Philippines Boot Camps and attend the BMW school in Butuan. Our van and truck ride that was to take about 45 minutes, ended up lasting about 3-4 hours! When the van broke down, the girls had to push the van off the road…way to go girls! Because it was getting so late, Lenny bought us all McDonald’s so we wouldn’t have to cook dinner. We are now settling down for a few hours before leaving at 2:30 AM to go to the airport to catch our flights to Manila and then on to Butuan. We are all tired and ready to arrive at our destination, but the Lord is good and has looked after us. Pray that we don’t all get sick from being run down and sleeping in airports for two nights (Orlando and LAX). We have enjoyed great food on the airplanes! Thank you for your prayers.

*Note to parents: After the team departed Orlando, we were notified that Cebu Pacific changed their flight routing from Cebu – Butuan, to Cebu – Manila – Butuan.



  1. Mikayla McDowell

    That’s my best friend sitting on the ground in front!

  2. Been praying often for you all!! Glad to hear Team Philippines is almost there! I can’t wait to hear about everything !! Remember Phillipians 4:13I can do all things through Christ who strengthens Me. Looking forward to hearing from my son Justin 🙂

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