Zambia Is Working Towards Their Goal

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Greetings to our loved ones from Team Zambia! The kids continue to be troopers as many are under the weather with our team’s cold virus. The ones that left Boot Camp with a cold are better but have passed it on to the ones who didn’t have it. We’re continuing to praise the Lord and work hard in spite of it.

Our work project is progressing as planned. Today, Thursday, is another big concrete pour. The forms were built yesterday around the culverts, and on top for the deck. The concrete pour will involve lots of sand, rocks and concrete being moved by bucket down to the river. The concrete mix is done by hand on the ground next to the forms. This project has truly been a community project as the national men are helping to mix, the children come after school to watch and play, and the ladies come down to get water. Next we will be building the approach and road leading to the bridge.

This week has been a birthday week for our team as we’re celebrating Lauren’s, Cambrie’s, and Judah’s birthday. The kids are enjoying cooking and eating birthday treats. Today, Perry and Devon are making cinnamon rolls for Cambrie’s birthday. They are good cooks that need very little supervision. Andy, Cambrie and Isabelle did an awesome job making a chocolate M&M’s cake for Lauren’s birthday. We are looking forward to yet another celebration on Saturday for Judah’s birthday.

Jacob helped teach school today at the Rescue Unit. He taught science and math. Ethan was fantastic with the kids in school today, he led songs, games, and taught 7th grade math. The school children loved him. Cambrie taught English and math and enjoyed it more than she thought she would.

This weekend, we will be visiting yet another church out in the bush. The truck will get us five miles in but the last two miles we will have to walk down a dirt path. Robert Martin was invited to preach. We will be using out puppets, music, and drama presentations to bless the congregation.

We’ve been blessed and encouraged by our daily mail from our secret prayer partners. Each evening we are challenged by the team devos, every night a different team member shares what God has been teaching him or her. Ayla shared Scripture and songs last night concerning giving the Lord praise at all times.

Time is flying by as our time counts down in Zambia. The team has already said that they will miss the people, culture, and the country of Zambia. We are looking forward to visiting Victoria Falls in the coming weeks. Please continue to pray for strength to finish the job well.

*Parents, They sent some great pictures, but I have not figured out how to download them. As soon as I can get someone to help me, I will post them, so keep checking back! BKZambia 7:4-4. copy



  1. We are so thankful for all the great updates that have been provided. We’re continung to pray for the team and are looking forward to hearing more great testimonies that God is working out through each of their lives!

  2. So excited to see the wonderful pictures and hear all the updates. thank you

  3. Greetings go out to Isabelle from her GBC family!!!

  4. Happy birthday to everyone….especially my Cambrie. Praise the Lord for all He is doing through this team.

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