And It Is Cold In Ecuador!

Greetings from the Teen Missions Base in Latacunga, Ecuador! Sorry we were not able to send an immediate update. The Base was without internet when we arrived but is now up and running! We are situated on a mountain 10,000 feet up and have some breathtaking views around us. It’s a beautiful location. Our trip here went extremely smooth considering we were carrying about 31 bags and transporting 20 people from the U.S. to Ecuador. We praise the Lord for his safety and protection as we traveled. We arrived early Tuesday morning about 3:30 am local time. We’re an hour behind, so jet lag wasn’t really a problem. Just the late hour! We’d been up about 20 hours by the time we arrived. Jessica Jones, an intern at the Base, provided us with a nice hot breakfast, so we appreciated that! Tuesday was basically spent in recovery mode. We were able to help with an afternoon children’s program on Wednesday and did our presentation for the 25 or so children that came to the TMI Base. All of the team thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Ecuadorian children and sharing Jesus through their puppets, drama, and music! We’ve been doing odd jobs around the base also to prepare for an upcoming Boot Camp.  Yesterday they helped put up Jacob’s ladder, part of the Obstacle Course. Just a half hour ago, the team, along with Jessica, headed to Mt Cotapaxi. They will be setting up camp with tents and equipment and plan to spend four days there, hiking and presenting the Gospel to the tourists and refugees at a camp. The weather has been chilly and we’ve had some misty rains on and off, but a merchant from a local market came on Tuesday and the kids and leaders were able to purchase alpaca jackets, blankets, mittens, etc, to ward off the cold. We got some fabulous deals!  It is winter here in Latacunga! Today is Nathanael Palmer’s birthday and we just want his parents to know we sang him a fun birthday song this morning! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to serve together in Ecuador!


  1. Greetings to Lia crumpton ( missing you) and the team . We are excited to hear how The Lord is ministering to His children through all of you. We will continue to pray for all of you and ask God to give you wisdom and courage for each day. Stay warm! Blessings to you! Mark and Pen

  2. Thank you for the update. It is wonderful to hear from Ecuador. It helps family and friends here to know what to pray for as well.
    We are praying for all the members and for the work you are doing. Special xoxox to Rachel 🙂
    Praise the Lord!

  3. Grateful that everyone made it safely. Everyone looks great! Special message to Maddie Burk (Maddie Cakes)…. Love you, thinking of you and praying! Hope you get our letters! Can’t wait to hear about your experiences and adventures when you get back! Blessings to you and ALL the team! We’re home staying hot! Hope you all keep warm with your alpaca jackets, blankets, mittens, etc. Continuing to pray as you serve together! xoxo

  4. We’re praying for you and our friends in Ecuador! God bless you all!

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