Ireland Is Into Their Second Day Of Work

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We are on our second day of work and things are coming along quite nicely. The team is digging a footer for a future enclosed gazebo. They are also cleaning out the rose bush gardens located here on Ireland Outreach’s property. The temperature outside is cool but the sun is out and shining which makes for great working weather. One of the team’s favorite things to do while on the work site is to spend an hour praying in our Prayer Closet. They pray on a tower that overlooks the Irish Sea and gives a magnificent panoramic view of the whole Dalkey area. (We are sending a picture of the view for your viewing pleasure, although I can confidently say that the picture does not do the actual scene justice!). We only have two weeks in Ireland and we are eager to get as much accomplished for this center as possible in that time. The staff have been overwhelmingly gracious in their welcome of us. We truly feel like kings and queens! We are having dinner with them tomorrow night and are looking forward to fellowshipping with our new-found friends. I am off to snap some pictures to send along with this report!



  1. Thanks for the update. So nice to see the pics as well.

  2. Thanks for posting pictures!

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