Panama Is Waiting For Supplies

Panama 7:4 - 1

Work is progressing well. We are still waiting for our building materials to arrive. The boat should arrive on Tuesday so that will only leave us one week to get the roof on but we can do it!

We were invited to be part o a school program on Friday. It was quite a celebration! There was a queen and king crowned among the elementary students. The kids also received prizes for several contests throughout the week. The boys acrobatic team performed as well as a girls hula hoop team. Our team performed two dramas puppet skits and a sing. It was the highlight of our week. Saturday we swam in the ocean an snorkels

We are getting strong storms nightly but it clears during the day. It has been cloudy and cooler.

Please pray for health for he team. Many are battling sore throats and colds


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