South Africa Is Ready To Minister

South Africa

Our evangelism project is about to take off as we leave for Kwamlanga tomorrow. Days so far have been spent preparing/practicing presentation as well as sorting the duffels of shoes, socks, medicines, toothbrushes, buckets and other miscellaneous things for the base and MSSM. We will begin the footwashing in the next few days. The team is very excited to begin the evangelism process and see people come to know Christ because of their influence.

Samuel Ok – South Africa is the best place in the world. The SB was “fun”. I hope to see a monkey. I love South Africa.

Ammi Green – So far we have organized all of the shoes. We are leaving tomorrow for our first outreach. Devotions are amazing, I have learned so much from God in just 30 min each day. South Africa is so cool and I can’t wait until tomorrow.








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