The Dominican Republic Team Is Enjoying The Campers


Hello everyone, So yesterday it rained all day really hard, but instead of working on our projects because the rain had delayed our work, we had our kids do a puppet presentation for the children’s camp that was here. I wished all of you could have seen it. The other kids were clapping and even singing along with the songs and they even mingled with our kids and learned some interesting things about each other. Today we have started back on our projects and the kids are starting to pour the sidewalks that are going in by the pool. The kids love it here in Dominican Republic and they are trying new fruit that they have never even heard of before. The missionaries down here are very nice and they have done so much for us and they are thankful for how much we are doing for them. Our kids are learning what it means to serve others and how important it is to put others first. We are doing great and tomorrow we plan to do some sight-seeing in the city and learn more about Dominican Republic and the culture here. It is very tropical here and it reminds all of us of Florida, but the trees down here have different kinds of fruit on them. We are all very happy that we have the chance to come and serve the Lord in Dominican Republic and we hope that we can help the people who are in need. We are trying to figure out how to take pictures from our camera and post it to this email, but on Monday we should have lots of pictures for all of you. Hope all of you have a great day and keep your eyes on the Lord.




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