The Work Continues In Malawi

13007 Malawi
Greetings from Malawi! Sand fills every space not taken by wild grass or houses here in Rumphi. While walking down the road, it is unusual to find car tire tracks, and much more likely to see footprints, hoof marks, chicken prints, and bicycle tracks. In the fields and bush the goats and pigs wander free, eating as they go. It is part of the atmosphere of Malawi.
Our project is well underway. We have poured the footers for the building and are continuing to establish the foundation. Much of the past few days have been spent mixing concrete (with shovels), moving stones and bricks, and leveling what was poured. Those few who were not needed on the work project have been riding to the well for water or raking a large area that will be used for eating sites when the Rumphi Boot Camp starts, which is after we leave. The construction work is physically demanding and our team has been tired at the end of each day.
This doesn’t stop them, however, from using the limited time between work and dinner to play with the children who come to the base for the services of the Rescue Unit. We have enjoyed seeing the ingenuity of the children who cannot buy their own toys and so make their own. The most common toy is a ball made out of plastic grocery bags. It is not unusual to see a game of soccer going on with this kind of ball as the center, and with one of our team in the middle of the game. The children love to play with our team and our team love these children.
The weather continues to be cool and dry. We are looking forward to getting the foundation established and going on to setting bricks! The building is slowly but surely taking shape.
Thank you for your prayers! May the Lord be with you this summer.




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