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Today marks the fourth day of work on two different ongoing projects here at the India base. Brick laying has begun on the third story of the base. However, it is currently paused due to the rain. The kids are definitely enjoying the cooler temperatures. Although we are no longer at Boot Camp, the team is realizing daily that there is plenty of life training and lessons that can still be learned. As they look over the work they get done each day, they are persuaded to give even more the following day when they are reminded that our time here in India and chances to serve the people are quickly drawing to a close. The team has recently completed leveling out an area that will soon become a concrete slab. The India BMW students have shared their vision for the slab with us—to use it as a work area for making cinder blocks. Hopefully selling the cinder blocks will make the BMW a self-supporting base. Being a part of the vision of the believers here encouraged our team to work even harder towards their goal.

As the team came in from working in the rain today, it was exciting to see them completely covered in mud—a testament to their hard work! The BMW students stepped up to offer them a refreshing hose-down as they made their way to lunch. Katie and Ellie have enjoyed a different kind of work recently as they cleared a storage room for the base. They encountered bats, rats, and kitten-sized cockroaches during their work hours.  Another learning moment was experienced by our team Wednesday night when it came time for supper. Sean went into town to pick up a typical “American meal” from KFC then drew three names from a hat. The first name drawn, Savannah, got to enjoy the KFC meal. The last two names drawn, Janie and Micah, were served the typical Teen Missions meal we have each night (a variety of food and a dessert). The rest of the team was served only a bowl of rice and no utensils. It represented the way we live in comparison to the rest of our world and showed the team how fortunate we are to have so many choices and control over our lives. After the demonstration sunk in, the team was served the rest of their meal and Savannah graciously divided her KFC with the other drooling hopeful members.

Continue to pray for us as we strive to pour out more in every area of our lives here in India and certainly be in prayer that the lessons the Lord teaches us here will stay with us long after we depart from India!

Abby Monroe – After going on the Zimbabwe Foot Washing team last year, I grew a passion for missions. God showed me how to truly know Him, rather than just know of Him. About four months after leaving Africa, I realized that God was calling me back to the place I left my heart. That doesn’t really explain why I’m in India moving dirt. My mom sparked my interest in India by telling me some, well, interesting stories. God is definitely working my heart here. At first I didn’t see it because I haven’t quite fallen in love with this country like I did with Zimbabwe. I have, however, fallen hard for Jesus in a way that us impossible to explain. Now, instead of knowing Hm, I know I need Hm and that I can no longer rely on my own strength. Every day I know He has something new to reveal to me, my team, and those we will reach here in India.

Savannah Totey – My name is Savannah Totey, I’m 21 years one and this is my third Teen Missions team. Coming into this summer I really didn’t know what to expect. There are more people on this team than my last two teams combined. Also, I am at least three years older than all tho their team members. My prayer before coming here was that I could just survive the summer. But God has really been working in me by challenging me to love everybody and to view all of us as God’s family. Bootcamp really gave us time to grow together as a team. We all ran the Obstacle Course together, worked together in our classes, and we even got to serve our Special Blessings together. But when we got to India, life was a bit different. We have long work days, a crowded sleeping space, and most of our team has been sick at some point or other. But through all the hardships and inconveniences, God has showed us to not just be a team, but to be a family of believers. Regardless of age or experience, we all have learned to work and live together, but more importantly, we are learning to love each other as Christ loved us.


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  1. This is such a blessing. Thank you for keeping us up to date on what and how they are doing. I loved this update more than any so far. The leaders are pure gold in my mind,….. taking the time to not only chaperon and supervise but being intentional to train up our kids in missional Christ centered- kingdom work. They will never be the same – no doubt. Thank you TMI and to God be the glory.
    And this sweet picture of my girl was about enough to do me in for today! Praying for India!!!!

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