Another Report From The Philippines!

Greetings from the Philippines team! We have settled into the base here and enjoyed meeting the students and staff. The students put on a presentation and served us Filipino dishes. We have now moved into the children’s ministry part of our summer and are staying at Angels in the Streets in Butuan City. We had the opportunity to go to the largest High School in Butuan City. When we walked into the gymnasium there were over 400 people there waiting for us. The team did a great job doing their presentation of singing, testimonies puppets and drama. After the presentation the team went down into the crowd and the students wanted pictures with the team members. It was neat to see some of the students come up to the team members and tell them that they are Christians as well. Some other students didn’t realize their peers were Christians..It was an amazing sight. Tomorrow we will be going to the street children and delivering meals to them as well as sharing the gospel with them. There are a number of presentations planned for the next few days in schools and at churches.We will head back to the TMI base on Wednesday and begin our project there.


  1. Isabella, Wow some 36 years ago I went on teen missions. To see you are thier at the same age and time in your life I was, Wow. keep tusting in what you are doing and trust god wil use you and the time to learn cross cultural lessions as you come back to the US. Love.

  2. So proud of my cousin Justin saffer for doing the lords work and i appreciate all the other teens who are there !

  3. What an exciting experience! Prayers for the team and people they encounter

  4. denise coronado

    Sounds like they hit the ground running, what an awesome, inspiring report!

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