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Malawi 19

Hello from Malawi! After many hours of traveling we arrived and are settling into Malawi. After landing in Lilongwe, we all packed into the back of the 4-ton truck to head to Chicora. We arrived Wednesday afternoon and the team got to have a meal of rice and beans. Then it was off to bed to catch up on sleep. The next morning I went into town with two of the lady leaders to buy food and supplies for the team. It takes about two hours to get into town and it took almost all day to get the things we needed. We got a lot of the medication we will be using to run the clinic out at the Rescue Units. While I was in town, the team unpacked and had some down time. They got caught up on their Bible verses and worked on getting some of their laundry done. They have all enjoyed watching the monkeys climb on the trees as well as playing with the puppies we have at the base.

Last night after evening prayer, some of the team came in and said the saw fire. It is very common in Malawi to see some fire off in the distance. It is the dry season so they will do controlled fires. Well this fire was not controlled and it was in our field coming towards our cows. The team helped to get buckets of water and put them outside the gate for us. I (Josiah Frey Head Leader) and Travis Carlson (assistant male leader) went with the water to get the fire out. It took us a good 20 minutes before we had it all out. I think one of the local fisher men set our back field on fire. Thankful we got to it before it became a huge problem. The team worked together to get the water for us and I am very proud of them! Parents don’t worry, the team was not near the fire. And it would not have got to any of our buildings where the team was staying. But it could have killed the cows at the base if we had not moved fast. I am thankful that no one was hurt and that the team worked together in a time that could have been stressful. With 21 girls on the team, not one of them freaked out!

This morning I took the team on a walk around our base in Malawi. They got to see the donkeys, cows, sheep, goats and pigs. The Lord has given us a beautiful base and a wonderful view of the lake. The team enjoyed having their devotions and watching the monkeys in the trees. The weather has been wonderful and cool in the morning. This morning, the lady leaders made hot tea and cinnamon rolls! The rest of the day we have been packing to leave for the Rescue Unit and getting all of our supplies together. We are all very excited to be heading out the Unit to set up the clinic. Thank you for your prayers. Note to parents: Where we are going this week, the internet can be sporadic! I will do my best to get a small report in. But it just might be a couple words typed in on a phone. Please know I and the other leaders are doing our best so that you know how your children are doing. We will be coming back Friday to the base, so Lord willing, if I can’t get a long report into the office, it will come Friday night or Saturday morning. The team is doing well. They love being in Malawi!

We will start traveling to the Amy Wellman Rescue Unit early in the morning. Please pray for the team as we head out from the base to run the medical clinics. I am excited to see what God is going to do through your children. They are a great blessing and I am so glad they are on this team.



  1. Thanks for the update. We have many praying for the team here in NJ. Please keep posting pictures as you are able.

    P.S. Hi Jackson! We miss you.

  2. Glad to hear the team has gotten some rest and is working well together. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing about the work at the rescue unit. God bless you all!

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