Phone Call From Uganda


The Uganda team is in Jinja waiting on the remaining bags. Thirteen bags were delivered yesterday and all but five bags were delivered today. They are hoping those will be delivered in the morning before they leave for Koboko. If not, the airlines will be sending them directly to Koboko. The team is doing well and all are healthy. They are getting caught up on everything before their trip up to Koboko tomorrow. They will send a more detailed report once they reach Koboko.



  1. courtney i hope everything is going well we miss you and think about you often during the day.please stay safe and healthy our thoughts and prayers are with you evryday all day. can’t wait to see you home love you mom

  2. You guys are awesome… so so many are praying for you. For such a time as this, you were sent and God is and will do awesome things through you.
    There will never again be a time in your life, quite like this… let Him live His life through you to the full. Give yourselves to the work before you with abandonment. God is with you to do all that He has called you to do. We are praying His presence surround you, fill you and be reflected though you. We are so proud of all of you… and ms. Rachel… so glad that you get to live God’s dream for you.
    We miss you… but so glad you are there!!! You are all making a difference in this world!!! Go for it with all your hearts… You make Him smile!!!

  3. Praying for the luggage problem. Romans 8:28

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