Scotland Is Accomplishing A Lot

13004 Scotland

Our first week in Indiana is going well as we serve here at Triple T Ministries. The weather has held out well with the temperatures remaining cool at night which has been a blessing. Monday through Wednesday of this week, our team had the opportunity to participate in TTT’s fair share evangelism program which took us all over the Tri state area as we serves in three different fairs. On Wednesday alone our team had the opportunity to talk to over a hundred teens and young people about the gospel, with 15 making decisions for Christ. On Thursday we started assisting TTT in creating an outdoor chapel space which so far has included a lot of brush clearing and digging. There should be a couple photos attached to this report showing our progress on that (not attached – will add when they come!). We will be erecting a beautiful 12-foot cross and be building ten bench seats. Following that, we will likely be working to reface the dormitories, giving them a much needed face lift. This weekend we will be going to another local church where we will share our musical presentation and dramas, followed by a trip to the Four Corners Monument and a picnic lunch. On Monday we will be going as a team to visit Holiday World, which is one of the best rated amusement parks in the area. Everyone is really excited about that trip for sure! God is really using our team this week, but please continue praying for unity in our effort to serve and make disciples while here.



  1. Judy and Kayley

    We were blessed to have you at Hatfield Baptist Church, thank you for all the hard work you do for our Lord Jesus Christ! We especially enjoyed your skits. Hope you have fun at Holiday World!

  2. I am so proud of the spirit that this team has had with the transition from Scotland to Indiana. God has had this in His plan all along, and the teams’ flexibility to go wherever He needs just is a proven factor that they have a heart for His people. No matter where He sends them. Sending much love to my daughter, Madeline.

  3. Thank you again for the update. So thankful that this team is continuing to serve the Lord. We will continue to pray for unity and strength to do all that can be done over the next two weeks. Miss and love you all very much.

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