Arizona Has Arrived

Our travel across the country went very well. We arrived in Flagstaff last night around 5 pm (Arizona time, which is three hours earlier than Florida time) We slept in two churches along the way, one in Louisiana and one in Amarillo,TX (or armadillo, TX as I joked with the team members) The Pastor in Louisiana cooked us breakfast before we left, and the pastor in TX let us use their showers before we headed out in the morning. The team enjoyed watching the changing scenery as we went, along with the cooler temperatures and the lack of mosquitos. Yesterday we got our tents and kitchen set up. The girls are sleeping on the bunks in the bus, and the boys are in tents behind the kitchen. We started our work day today. We are leveling the ground along their drive into the camp, and then shoveling mulch into wheelbarrows and spreading it on the leveled area. The team is very enthusiastic during their work and we hope to finish this project tomorrow and move on to the next project they have for us. Amanda Kraus and Isabella Valldeperas were on KP today. They did a great job helping prepare and clean-up the meals. El Nathan camp is right at the base of Mt. Eldon. We hope to hike the mountain at some point during our time here. There is a neighborhood across the street from El Nathan that we hope to do some evangelism in at the beginning of next week. We will be working on our presentation this weekend and inviting people to come and hear the Good News.
Amanda Kraus – God has been working in my life during devotion time. I have learned many Bible verses, but there is one that has gotten me to think about my actions a lot more. That verse is Proverbs 11:13 “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.”
Alanna Ringrose – God has been so good to the Arizona team. He has lead us through Boot Camp, we had a few troubles, but God had protected us. Praise God for the things we went through like swimming, canoeing, and washing our laundry in a bucket. I also thank the Lord for letting us have a safe bus ride. He is so good!





  1. Love you Hannah…praying for God to use you in a big way……Go team Arizona,…..

  2. I am so proud of my granddaughter Hattie and all the others

  3. Nicole Eldridge

    Praying for you Team Arizona.

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