The Lord Is Working In And Through The Honduras Team!

Honduras 7:13-1 Honduras 7:13-2 Honduras 7:13-3 Honduras 7:13-4
The Honduras team is having another wonderful week doing EV. A few really cool days have happened so far. One day we were able to go to a bi-lingual school and being able to speak to them in English the whole day about Jesus Christ was amazing. William, Caleb, and Taylor were able to show Christ’s love through singing and playing praise songs. They even taught some of the students some of the worship songs that they know. When we give our presentations, usually only the younger kids come up to accept Christ, but that day the high schoolers came up first and then 50 kids come to accept Jesus as their Lord. It has been amazing to see the Lord work in all different age groups.
Another school we went to, only one girl stepped out of a crowd of 100 high school students and boldly accepted Christ. The team praised the Lord for her boldness and obedience to the Holy Spirit.
Praise the Lord the team as been healthy so far this week and no one has been in the sick tent.
Today we are celebrating Ike’s birthday (his was during Boot Camp). We are playing a few games and making his favorite food. Abby and Daymian are great KP help today.
We continue to that and praise the Lord for the work He is doing here in Honduras through all of your kids. Please continue to pray for health and safety for the team as we are approaching the end of our last week of EV. Next week we will begin our last week of working on our project here at the base in San Isidro.
Grant R. Kimbrell – One thing that has really done a lot for me on this trip is the opportunity to share my testimony every day for EV this week. Before this trip, I had never really been able to share the Gospel in that way. Being able to share my faith in God with other people has helped me grow in my faith, which is cool, seeing as how I am giving the Gosple for the people we are ministering to. I am excited to see what else God teaches me on this trip, it’s been great so far!”
Alicia Jorgenson – On July 11 we had an EV day. As we drove up to the school, I felt very uncomfortable and did not want to do our presentation. Throughout the whole thing people were talking and moving around. When the salvation invitation came around, one girl came forward. Her courage was great, and I was inspired to be more bold for God.


  1. Jennifer Kimbrell

    YAY!!! We just got 3 letters from Honduras so that makes me hopeful that you all are getting mail too! It is exciting to hear from the field. Thank you for keeping us updated!

  2. Jennifer Kimbrell

    Thank you so much for the report! I am excited to hear it and happy to hear that little snippet from Grant! You all are amazing and we are very proud of all of you!

    By the way, we have not received a letter from Honduras yet, which makes me wonder if you all are getting mail there either. If not, please let him know that we have written him 4-5 times/week!

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