A Day In The Life Of The Malawi Team

Malawi 19

The sun rises over Malawi! You can hear the village began to wake up and begin their daily task of getting water. However, this morning there is something different—30 white people waiting to pump their water as well! We made is safe and sound from Chipoka to the Amy Wellman Rescue Unit. On Saturday we handed out over 30 pairs of glasses. The team also helped to teach Sunday School and 30 kids ask Christ into their hearts! The team was very excited to see all the children from across the village coming to play and sing with them.

The lady leaders have been working very hard to keep this team well feed. With 26 team members and 5 leaders it is not easy. There is no running water out at the Unit. The team has to go and get all the water for cooking. Thankfully, the well is only a five minute walk away. The team is entertaining all the women of the village as they try to pump water from the well and carry it back on their heads! Our guys are the high light as many men in Malawi do not carry water. So to see not only men but American men carrying water is something strange to them.

This morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise! The team went for water, had Bible Study, library reading and then breakfast. Then we got into the truck and drove about 20 minutes away to Church. The team sang and was well received by the church. However, after almost 3 hours they were ready to leave and have lunch. On the way back we had to stop for some things, so much of the team got a cold soda!! The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with about 100 village kids and trying to get verse review done.

We plan on doing another clinic in the morning from 9am-3pm. Pray for us as we not only help people with their physical need but also their spiritual needs as well. We will then be leaving early Tuesday morning for the Boyle Family Rescue Unit in Dedza. It will take about 1 hour to get there. Please pray for us as we drive in the truck. Many of the road have big holes and it can cause the truck to get bad flat tires. Thankful we have not had one yet! Please pray that the truck will continue to run smooth.

The team has been very healthy. This morning during library reading I head a lot of sniffling, nothing that a little Vic’s and some hot tea will not solve. I am blessed by all the team members and it is joy watch them grow. Thanks for all the parents and friends praying for us! God is doing great things in the lives of the people in Malawi and in the team. Good night from Malawi!



  1. Debbie Cesefske

    Go lady leaders!!! I’m so proud of each team member and my daughter Megan Gardner! You are on FB and updates are being posted on a regular basis. Praise the Lord for ample leadership, a great team of young people and everyone who is lifting them in prayer!

  2. Amen! I’m Kianna’s mom and the Malawi FB page is a true blessing to the Malawi sending team. Your family and friends are praying for you!
    God’s blessing to you all and protection and strength for the work God has for you. Kristine

  3. Thank you sooo much for these posts! You’ve given this mom a wonderful sense of the surroundings in Malawi. Team Malawi is active on FaceBook and us parents are keeping up with each other and our missionaries. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/431359773628100/) Praying for the vehicle as you ride to your next outpost. God is soo good!

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