South Africa Continues Their Ministry

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Hello from the South Africa Preteen Team! We are doing very well and the kids continue to enjoy their time here. Our team has a positive attitude no matter what they are doing. No one has taken ill while here and we praise the Lord for that. Our team really feels blessed to be able to share the love of God with South Africa. We are getting settled in here as we have been here for a week and the team members appear to be loving every minute of it. While on the SA base, we spent our days sorting shoes, practicing foot washing, and preparing our presentation. We were able to go Thursday afternoon with the kids to shop for necessities, such as hats, coats, gloves and hygiene items.

On July 13th, we journeyed 1 ½ hours to Kwamplanga to begin our mission. On Sunday we were asked to share our presentation in a church of around 150 and Mr. Jason got to preach with an interpreter. We then had our first opportunity to do a real foot washing. We did two hours of foot washing with around 60 people. The kids found out it is a lot of work filling buckets of water then heating it since it’s so cold here, then running back and forth to get the right size of shoes for the person. May Wadman said she ran back and forth eight times from the sanctuary to the kitchen for shoes for one person. Whew!

We are through the leader testimonies and Trevor Capener shared his testimony first for the members. He gave several Scriptures and shared in detail how his mom lead him to the Lord. He has become quite a leader for the team. May Wadman and Nadia Hershberger both shared their testimonies during the presentation at church.

While in Kwamplanga, we will be doing more foot washing and doing community evangelistic work at orphanages and centers. We’ve also been invited to attend evening revival services at a nearby church.

Thankfully no one has any serious illnesses. We do have a few with runny noses and coughs with the drastic weather change from Boot Camp to here (cold evening and mornings). But all of them seem to be clearing up well without any complications.





  1. Please advise when your next boot camp for children in SA will be?

  2. Thanks for the pictures and the great report! It is so good to hear how the Lord is working in and through the team!

  3. Very happy to hear you are all doing well… and love pictures. love and miss you Trevor.. Grandma xox

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