The Adventures Of The India Team

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Team India has been very busy. As we mentioned in our last report, the weather has been very wet. Thursday evening we decided that since it was suppose to rain all day Friday, we would take the opportunity to take the team into town to do some shopping and sightseeing. Friday morning the team was dressed and ready to go when we got word that all the shops had closed for a political holiday. The Lord has really been teaching the team that the life of a missionary requires you to be fluid. The team prayed that God would use the day for His Glory and accepted the fact that we were not going into town. We knew we could not work on our project due to all the rain so we started working on Bible studies and practicing the team’s presentation. One new thing that was added to the presentation was learning sign language to the song “10,000 Reasons”. While the team was working on their presentation, we received word that we were invited to share at a local school. So after lunch (prepared by the male leaders Sean & Ethan), the team headed off to the school.  The team enjoyed handing out Wordless Rracelets to the kids who were there. During the presentation, Curt B. gave a sermon through one of our translators. The team played with the kids after school was over and really enjoyed getting to know the children. Dinner Friday night was homemade pizza and fruit salad (also made by their male leaders), and while eating, they found out arrangements had been made to go into town on Saturday. The next morning everyone was once again dressed in their travel clothes ready to do some shopping and sightseeing. The girls enjoyed looking through the hundreds of saris at the shops; some of the guys even purchased traditional Indian attire as well. Some of the team members had their first experience with bartering which is a very different experience in India. Before the team had left the Team Missions base, Gabe F. had prayed that God would use this experience to work in the hearts of the team–He certainly did just that. As the team walked through the streets of Vijayawada, they saw beggars and cripples. God used that day to open many of the team members hearts to just how blessed they are. After a hike up Ghandi Hill (a historical landmark in Vijayawada), the team got to see a spectacular panoramic view of the city. The day ended with a banquet at one of the local hotels. The team enjoyed AC, cold drinks, and an assortment of traditional Indian dishes. The team enjoyed the food, especially when the ice cream was brought out. It was also special because it was Gabe F.’s birthday. On Sunday we traveled into town to attend church and give a presentation. Abby M., Felicia B., Audrey F., Gabe F., and leader Kirsti P. had the opportunity to help teach Sunday School where they taught the children several motion songs. In the evening, we participated in the local youth rally again where David E. shared his testimony, Gabe F., Chris T., and Micah P. performed a skit about the calling of Samuel, and then Gabe F. preached. It’s hard to believe we only have a little over a week left before we begin our journey to Agra and Delhi, but that realization has motivated the team to work harder in the last few days.

Audrey F. – Before I came to Teen Missions, I felt God calling me to be a missionary so that’s why I chose to go to India. Ever since then, God’s given me a brokenness for his people here in India. We went out shopping and sightseeing on Saturday and I saw how much God’s people were in desparate need of a Savior. In one of the songs at Boot Camp it says that “I will be your hands and be your feet.”  We need to be ready to go wherever God calls us to go.  John 15:5 says, “I am the vine, ye are the branches: he that abide to in Me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without Me ye can do nothing.”  That verse spoke to me because if we trust and abide on the Lord, Jesus will bring many people to Christ, for if we don’t, we can do nothing. Apply that verse in your life and see what God has in store for you!

Jane Y. – So I went to Madagascar last year and I learned that I have to rely on God, not myself. To me that was a very hard lesson. This year I’ve learned that I’ve got to trust God for what His plan is for me. I’ve learned that through the problems with getting my visa and language barriers.  It’s amazing how we can communicate with the people here, though, despite the differences in language.


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