The Cameroon Team Is Running The Boot Camp In Cameroon

Boot Camp has officially started! Yesterday was the first day of orientation and the Cameroonian kids ran the Obstacle Course for the first time. Our team, the MTC’s (Missionaries to Cameroon), were the judges. It has been a lot of fun watching these kids complete similar obstacles to the ones we did in Florida; and man can they fly over those walls! This morning all teams were up by 5:30am, the Obstacle Course was ran, breakfast eaten and devotions completed. The MTC’s have also started teaching classes. The team has been divided up into four groups and will each take turns teaching puppet classes, phonics, music and drama. It is amazing to see how much the MTC’s remember from their classes, and how much more excited they are to do them as they are teaching the Cameroonian children. Everyone really is getting into it, and it is obvious that all the kids are having a great time.
Last night was our first rally night together. Despite not always knowing what was being sang, the MTC’s clapped and rejoiced right along with the Cameroonian’s. It was inspiring to see the Lord’s rejoicing being done in another country, and when a song was sang that both the Cameroonians and the MTC’s knew, those building walls were a shaken’!!!  What a great night of rejoicing and praising the Lord.
The schedule for the MTC’s this week will be extremely similar to the Boot Camp schedule that was maintained in Florida and will keep them very busy. Classes are held in the morning, each an hour long, and after lunch, much needed time to bathe and shower will be available. Since we have arrived to Cameroon, we have noticed that the heavy rains occur in the evenings; extreme downpours that last for up to an hour. This is a good time for us to do as the Cameroonians do; grab a bar of soap, gather some rain water and scrub up! These heavy rains have also made the MTC’s extremely grateful for the building that their tents are set up in. The Cameroonian children, who are attending the Boot Camp, have to stay in tents outside, and have dug out trenches around their tents to help prevent some of the flooding. How blessed are we to be dry at night!?!


  1. What a great opportunity to serve our Lord, Emma. We continue to pray for you. Paztor Dean and Ms Peggy

  2. Emma, We are very proud of you and your team. Your church member friends here in Colorado are praying for you all. They anxiously wait for me to update them on your activities. Love, Aunt Joyce, family, and friends

  3. I think that this is just wonderful and I am so proud of my granddaughter Sherry. She is such a devoted, hard working young woman and she is blessed to be involved with a great team such as this.

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