The Haiti Team Has Running Water!

15 Haiti

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Haiti for a week already! The time has gone by quickly. There was great rejoicing among the team when we got water hooked up to the toilet/shower block two days ago. We’ve enjoyed having showers and flushing toilets after several weeks of bucket bathing and flushing. This last weekend provided a nice break from our weekday work schedule. On Saturday we got to provide a puppet show for the neighborhood kids who seem to find our team fascinating. The kids spend much of their days and evenings watching us—since evidently we are the best entertainment around. Our team loves playing and interacting with them; in fact, today Blake Barnett was teaching them to play baseball with a large stick and a small ball. Yesterday we had the privilege of worshiping with the Haitian church that meets at our project site, and one of our leaders, David Jean-Francois, provided an English translation of the Creole sermon.

We’re continuing work laying waterlines for the orphanage as well as the community, digging trenches, cleaning up debris and rocks around the worksite, creating a stone pathway to the toilets to eliminate the amount of dirt and mud tracked into them, and providing work support for the Haitians building the security wall along the front of the property.

Above all else, we are feeling very blessed by the new amenities provided by running water and by the helpfulness of the pastor and missionary we are working with.

Blake Barnett – The last few days have been very dreamlike for me personally. It’s hard to believe we are actually here! The people have been fascinating ever since we arrived—curious about what the “blancos” are doing. What has really opened our eyes and also broken our hearts is how they gaze upon us while we eat and even drink clean water. We have been blessed to be able to help out those in need. One of the ways we are helping is by laying a water pipe which will give clean water to the community. What never ceases to amaze and overwhelm me is the joy that the Haitian children have. The faith among the local church members is incredible and the passion and pure desire to follow Jesus is something that I can learn from them.

Hannah Ayers comments on something she has been learning in her personal devotions – God has been teaching me so much during my daily devotions. He has been showing me things about my faith, relationships with others, as well as my personal relationship with Him. I found a verse in 2 Corinthians 3:18, which says, “And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” I found this verse very encouraging because I am still a work in progress and God isn’t finished with me yet.

*Although family and friends have probably sent the Haiti team mail, our missionary has told us it is highly unlikely that we will ever receive any of it because of the Haitian mail system’s structure. We haven’t received any mail thus far and probably will not for the remainder of our time here. Also, because of the unreliability of the Haitian mail system, we will have to wait to send our mail until someone can make a trip across the border to the Dominican Republic.




  1. Good to see the Lord redeeming all those hours spent at Rothwood watching Blake play Little League.

  2. What a great opportunity to be a witness in word and in action to the people around you. We are praising God for this opportunity for the team and continuing to pray for you each day and moment that God brings you to our thoughts.

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