The Ireland Team Has Been Busy!

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Since last I wrote, our team has seen and done some incredible things. This past Friday, Karen and I teamed up with the kitchen staff from Ireland Outreach to cook a meal for our team and the personnel of Ireland Outreach to share together.  By the end of the afternoon, we had a lovely meal prepared: potato soup, made-from-scratch cobs (also known as rolls), salad, oatmeal cookies and ice cream. We moved tables and chairs outside, and enjoyed a meal and a special time of fellowship in this amazing weather we have been having. We have all made close connections with the staff here and are already dreading the goodbyes that will take place when we leave for Belfast in less than a weeks time. After a half day work on Saturday, we hopped on the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) and journeyed to the seaside resort town of Bray.  The brave amongst us went swimming in the Irish Sea, whose waters were a frigid 59 degrees Fahrenheit. It was definitely difficult to get in at first, but once in and fully submerged, it was more tolerable. Most just slipped their boots off and their water shoes on and went in ankle deep. These were the ones taking pictures of the crazy ones actually in the water! Some of us took naps and others enjoyed a meal of fish and chips on the rock-covered beach. We followed a well worn path to the summit of Bray Head, which rises steeply above the sea (791 ft. to be exact). Once at the top, we were afforded spectacular views of the mountains and the sea. Many of the team had never done anything like this before. The trek was very meaningful for those that never thought they would ever be able to accomplish something like it. Each and every one of us made it up and down again. On Sunday, we rode the DART into Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. We attended church, where the team did a presentation of songs, the drama, “Colors” and a devotional. The congregation was very moved be their performance. After church and lunch in the park located across the street from it, we walked to the city center of Dublin. Our teammates, myself included, were eager to purchase souvenirs to remember our time in Ireland. Although Dublin in disproportionally large for the size of the country it is located in, the city center is small and can easily be navigated by foot, since most of its nearly two million residents live in the suburbs. Although the shopping was fun, the highlight of the day for me was the eagerness of the team to witness to those we came in contact with. We handed out flyers from the church we attended and engaged in many conversations about God with those who would talk to us.  Our hearts are heavy with the brokenness and despair we saw. Please pray with us for those living lives without Christ…that they would recognize their need for a Savior! Pray also that we would realize how serious and eternity-impacting the responsibility of being ambassadors for Christ is. It is Monday morning now and work has begun again as we work to complete our project before heading off to Belfast. We have ambitiously started work on the new playground Ireland Outreach is wanting to construct as well. Hopefully the old saying, “Many hands, make less work” will prove true for our team and the projects we are wanting to accomplish.


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  1. Charlotte Hostetter

    Sounds so wonderful for all. I am so proud of Taylor. I know is very eye opening for her and all of the kids. Bless you guys for your commitment .

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