The Italy Team Continues To Evangelize

Italy 7:8-7

It has been wonderful for us to rest the last three days at Bobbio Pellice campground. It was an eventful weekend for us as there was a 50 k race on Sunday. We rose at 5am to have our private devos and breakfast before the 7am start of the race. We hung around afterward to talk with the spectators and evangelize.
Some of our friends from Turin came up to visit us. They shared powerful testimonies about how they left their native countries in Iran, Afganistan and Albania in search for freedom in Italy. God spoke to them through dreams and they came to faith in Christ. Our team also shared their songs and testimonies with our friends and it was great to hear how all of us were encouraged by one another in the faith. We had a wonderful prayer time after sharing lunch together.

After praying about the last leg of our hike, we decided to stop our hike in the mountains due to so many sore muscles and new blisters. So early Monday morning we were up at 5 am again to make the 7am bus to the next campground in Fenestrelle. Before lunch, we were settled into our new camping spot. In the evening we visited the town to evangelize. It was the most wonderful time of sharing and we had a great response from the town folks. People were quieting the crowd so that they could hear the testimonies. The families were dancing with their children to the music and asked when we would be sharing again so that they could come back to see us.

Tuesday is Jared Iles birthday and Friday we celebrate Gabriela Powell’s birthday. We hope to make it a special occasion for them both.

Everyone is in very good health. The weather has been bright and sunny despite a few rain showers. Please pray that our team will finish strong and continue to strive in sharing with others that need to hear the Good News. They have all been enthusiastic about evangelism and we have been praying as a team about sharing our goals when we return to our homes. God has been working in wonderful ways and we are very proud of each of these youth!

Emily Neilson – This past year I have been a Christian and loved God, but I never showed it. I just acted like any other teenage girl. So far on this trip God has convicted me and shown me that I was not the kind of Christian He wanted, and Boot Camp and hiking in the Alps have shown me that I need to rely on God for strength which helps me evangelize.

Ryan Vance – This trip has taught me a lot and showed me a lot about myself and what I need to work on. I have had a lot of time to think about those things and what I need to do to help fix it. I think when I get home things will change for the better and I will have a better relationship with God.



  1. So happy things are going well…. hope the soreness is easing! Continuing to pray for you all and am eager to hear all about everything! Love love you Shalen and cannot wait to see you!!!!! Thinking of you often….love you! Marmie

  2. Happy birthday, Jared!
    Love you so much, Grandma Lita

  3. I am Emily and Luke Neilson’s teacher- I have been praying for them this summer and will include all of you in those prayers. Glad to hear things are going so well.

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