The Philippines Team Is Feeding The Poor

Phil 7:15-1 Phil 7:15-3 Phil 7:15-4
What an exciting few days we have had here in the Philippines! Yesterday we had a full day of preparing the meals for the street children and their families. It is in a very poor area of town. We arrived about 1:30 PM and started with a 45 minute presentation. Then the team broke up into groups with the children and played some games. The pastor then shared the gospel with them, and then we served them a huge meal of rice, noodles, curry chicken and watermelon. They loved it! There were about 200 people there and they were so grateful for the food.They all want to get their pictures taken with the Americans! We came “home” later and enjoyed the food ourselves! We were all in bed by 7:30 PM! It gets light at 5 AM so we are awake soon after that! Because it is so hot, the Filipinos stay up late and get up early. Then they go in the house in the heat of the day.

Sunday morning we were up early to be at the church service at 8 AM. We did another presentation for the adults and a few team members went back for Children’s church. We then had a presentation at 2 PM to the parents of the Street Children until 4 PM. The kids enjoyed the balloons and playing games while their parents heard the Word of God. We went to Jollibee’s burger place (or some went across the road to McDonald’s) for supper. After a long day, we did our quizzing practice, devotions and were in bed before 8 PM. The heat is exhausting and the days are busy, but we are certainly enjoying ministry.
Tomorrow we are scheduled to go to meet the Mayor and do some souvenir shopping. We have a presentation at 2 PM at the elementary school. We have other presentations scheduled for the next few days before we head back up to the base.
Lord bless everyone. Thanks for your prayers.
Justin Saffer – When I first got to the Philippines, I was so excited to spend my time with the kids at the orphanage. I am so thankful for the street children and the opportunities we have to share our ministry with the children. It touches my heart to play games and share our dramas, puppets, songs and games with them—just to see the kids smile when we give them just a small hug or smile. It touches my heart to see them so happy. I really learned a lot from the children. I learned that  there is a lot of stuff that I don’t really need that I could give to the children.
Anna Davidson – When I signed up for this trip , I didn’t really know what to expect. Now that I’m here, it is such an amazing experience that I’m so thankful I get to be a part of. God is really teaching me not to take anything for granted because we have so much and aren’t happy with it sometimes. But some of the people here have close to nothing and always have a smile on their face and seem so thankful. It is truly an incredible experience.
Jalesha Hess – This trip in the Philippines has been the best trip of my life so far. I have learned many life lessons. God has been showing me so many of His miracles that so many people talk about. One is yesterday our team got the chance to give our presentation and serve food with the Angels In The Street ministry. This is a ministry that serves kids that live on the streets and may only have one or no parent. While we were serving them the food, not one started to eat their food until all the kids had some and prayed. It was so cool. These kids are starving and may only get one meal a day. It was such a sign that God is working here and he is working in me. He is making me a stronger person and I am growing even more in my walk with faith.


  1. Thank you for these updates! What a blessing to read what our Lord is doing through each of you in th Phillipines! You all are in our prayers.Hugs to all of you from South Carolina and especially to the Myers family & Justin Saffer!

  2. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! This group of kids must be on cloud nine! Keep your eyes on Jesus and let Him fan the flames for love and service to Him! Miss you Matthew; Praying for you!!!!

  3. What a blessing it is to hear the team is having a great time ministering for the Lord. Thank you for the update. Keep em coming. May The Lord continue to guide and protect the team. We will continue to pray far all of you as we’ll as the other teams.

  4. Michelle Davidson

    It’s so great to get these updates. Thank you for sharing and also for serving. You are all in our prayers!!

  5. Such a blessing to hear how The Lord is working in all the team members and the people and children there they are ministering too!! Thank you for all the updates continuing to keep you all in my prayers! And it’s great to hear from my son Justin!!

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