The Vanuatu Report That Was Lost In Cyberspace

Vanuatu 7:15-1 Vanuatu 7:15-2
Our main project here is winding down as the Training Center has almost been completed. We finished the roof and plastered the exterior walls this week, and tomorrow we will finish pouring the floor inside. Everyone has worked very hard, and it is extremely rewarding to see the fruits of our labor. Next week we will be able to spend some time renovating the older buildings at the health center and possibly work on the roof of the chapel at Ranwadi College. This weekend will be full as we plan to hike even further into the mountains and give another presentation. Everyone is doing well here, tired but content. The long work days have been a stretch for some of the team members who aren’t used to relatively intense labor. Despite that, morale is high, and we intend to finish strong. Korie Krake, Allie Snyder, and Landon Armstrong all led team devotions this week and it was good to get to know each one of them a little better through the testimonies they shared. Tonight we will be celebrating Hope Willeford’s birthday, and one of the treats is taro fries, one of Linda Evans’s most popular inventions from an otherwise despised yet abundant plants. And cake…at least I’m hoping.

Korie Krake – My first teen trip with Teen Missions has been a blast! Boot Camp was an amazing experience and the islands of Vanuatu are beautiful! All of that is really great, but I think one of the best things about this summer is me having a chance to grow closer to God. At the start of the trip, morning devotions were really hard for me. I would stare blankly at an open Bible and think about what I should read. Most of the time, no progress was made. One day, after reading random chapters all over the Bible, I asked God to help me be able to get into His word and have a good devotion. I started praying that prayer a lot, and now it is becoming easier to spend time with Him and talk to Him during devotions. Devotions fly by now; prayer really works!

God has showed me how to be more social with others on this trip. When we sang at church on Sunday with the kids, I loved making them smile with the songs we sang. I felt the Holy Spirit in me. I feel like God wants me to be a missionary.




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  1. The second testimony is from Landon Armstrong.

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