The Zambia Team Continues To Work Hard

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Greetings from the beautiful country of Zambia! Our team is well and getting better from the stubborn cold virus that has plagued us. Whew! Time is quickly moving by as our days are full.

At the close of last week, the team had two very hard and long work days. The concrete pour was completed as the forms were filled and leveled. Saturday was a welcome day off for the team. It was a time to wash clothes, rest sore muscles, catch-up on journals and to play with the children at the Rescue Unit. We celebrated Judah’s 16th birthday with chocolate caramel cake and a group rendition of Happy Birthday on the kazoo.
Saturday evening around the campfire, we had a time of sharing and song. Judah showed off his juggling skills, Andrew highlighted his quick clapping, J.J. played the guitar and him and Abby sang a song titled “I Love Bacon”. Claire, Ayla, Perry, Joy, and Laura sang several songs. We then sang gospel hymns. I personally was surprised at how many hymns and verses the kids knew. It was a very blessed time of worship for all of us.
On Sunday the team found ourselves taking quite an adventurous track to get to church. We began our journey in the truck. We all soon learned we would be walking the rest of the two miles after chopping down a tree that was on our path. We traveled the remaining two miles by foot. When we arrived at the church, we were greeted by the pastor. We had time before the service so Ayla and Gwen enjoyed meeting and sitting with the children that had come for church.
It was Andy’s first time to preach in front of a congregation, but there was no hint of nervousness and he did a great job. Izzy and Julie made adorable “bunnies” in the drama, Laura and Lauren were very believable and pecky “chickens”, Perry and Carmen were so funny with their “airplane” impersonations and all the nationals laughed at seeing them, and Ethan and Elizabeth made great little “pigs.”
We were all surprised when one of the national ladies went singing and dancing to escort the pastor (Mr. Bob) to preach. With Bible in hand, she escorted Mr. Bob up to the wood podium to preach. After church was over, Judah, Ayla, Claire, and Perry bought treats at a stand and enjoyed showering the children with cookies, candy, lollipops, and gum.
We have lots of projects planned for our last week at Redeemer Rescue Unit. The concrete forms need to be removed, the dam released and the sand bags removed and a second bridge patched. We are counting on some help from the nationals to help us with building the approaches and road leading to our new bridge. Any extra rock and sand will be put in the “over-sized” pot holes in the road leading to the Rescue Unit.
We have found that our water filtering has turned into a ’round the clock job. From hauling water from the stream and pumping through the filtering system, it has become one of the most important jobs that everyone has had to do! We have stayed well so it has been well worth it.
The team is excited about finishing our project and heading back to Teen Missions Base in Ndola on Thursday, but very sad about leaving their friends they’ve made at the base. The orphans will have a forever place in our hearts, Wesley, Ethan, and J.J. in particular love to play with the young men that live at the Rescue Unit. The girls love to play with the little ones as well. ‘Till Thursday’s report we send love home to our families and appreciate prayers for continued health and safety.

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  1. So proud of my family and the entire team! While some of your friends are at home playing Wii, eating pizza and watching fireworks while eating cotton candy and corn dogs, you hose to serve our Almighty God by serving his children half way around the world. Praise Jesus for every single one of you!

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