Another Report From Malawi

Malawi 19

Greetings from the mountains of Dedza! We left the Amy Wellman Rescue Unit early this morning and have arrived at the Boyle Family Rescue Unit in Dedza.

On Monday we had a wonderful full day of ministry. We handed out over 300 pairs of glasses and 250 people came for medical help. We make sure we pray for each person that comes through. The team has now been able to pray with over 600 people! While we don’t know 100% where their hearts are at, we do know that the love of Christ was shown.

One of the babies we helped came with small boils all over his face. His small little face was bleeding with the open sores all over. The team was able to get some medication for him and pray with the mom. Keila Pieters, Meg Delduco, Anna Wermer and Ben Valkrema did a great job at the medical station. Zac Frye, Kayla Duchaine, Jordan Bland, Lily Sweitzer, Courtney Lutz, and Anna Headlee did wonderful at testing people’s eyes and giving out the glasses. Tina Gardner, Jake Chapman, Samantha Kibble, Syndney Richardson, Kianna Skal, Anna Beam, Greta KnefelKamp, Annika Heaps worked hard to play games and keep hundreds of children content while their parents were in line for glasses. At one point, there had to be around 250 kids running around. Annie Barnhart, Barbara Potts, Sylvia Blake, Jackson Kim, Anna Beam and Annika Heaps helped to show people where to go and watching the gate so that we did not have too many people at once! Meanwhile Sofia Delvaso and Lilly Fahs helped the lady leader feed the team! All the team switched jobs throughout the day. Playing with 200 kids can make you really tired after a couple hours! The team was really tired after the day! But it was amazing to get to help so many people.

As I type this report the team is doing Bible Study and the lady leaders are making supper. Since we are now up in the mountains the weather is going to get even colder! We will be at the Boyle Family Unit till Thursday and then we will be going to House of Joy! On Friday we will be returning to the base after a trip to the Dedza Pottery were they can buy hand make pottery that is only found in this part of Malawi.

Thank you for those that have been praying for us. The truck has been running smooth with no flat tires. The team has been healthy and many people are being reached. Blessing from Malawi!

Note to parents. My laptop is running out of power and there is no way to charge it. Out next report may not come till Friday afternoon your time. Thank you for your understanding! Your children are a blessing!


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