Dominican Republic Continues To Work

DR 7:16-1 DR 7:16-2 DR 7:16-3 DR 7:16-4 DR 7:16-5

Our first week in the Dominican Republic has gone by fast and it has been a great week. We are getting a lot of work done here. Today the kids have started pouring the concrete and are finishing up the sidewalks. The kids love it here and they are enjoying every single moment we are having. Everyone is doing great on their memory verses and they are even starting to tell us leaders what the verses mean to them. All the kids are such hard workers and they are learning what it means to work as a team and not giving up, even when things are really hard.  Last Sunday we went to a church and the kids did a puppet presentation and two other kids came up and asked to receive Jesus in their hearts. On Friday we plan to take the kids to the beach and have lots of fun. Our goals for the team are to keep up the hard work and to witness to more of the kids here in Dominican Republic. We hope that we can keep on blessing so many lives. It has been really sunny here and the kids are really starting to see how beautiful it really is here at the camp.


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  1. Thank You so much for the updates! Love to see the team is doing great after a soggy start in the D.R. I was in Haiti over that week so I know how wet it was! It looks like not only the work project is coming along, it also sounds like God is using the team to make His name famous in the D.R. as well!!! Thanks again for the updates and Go Team D.R.!!!

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