Ireland Team Members Speak Out

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“Here in Ireland, my favorite moments so far were shopping in Dublin and singing on the train. I love it here but I still miss everyone back at home. Love you all so much and miss ya!  God bless.” ~Izzy

“I have had a blast! I loved speaking at church last Sunday. Everyone said I did a good job. IDK? LOL!” ~ Nate

“Every moment here in Ireland has been filled with joy and God’s love. Out of all the experiences our team has encountered, my favorite moment was when we hiked up the huge mountain at Bray with a cross at its peak. It was a moment I will forever cherish because after hiking up that mountain, I looked out and I saw what seemed like all of Ireland.  The struggles we faced going up made me feel little taste of what the road to Heaven will be like.” ~Yoonho

“I really feel blessed to be in Ireland. We’ve been busy but we have had lots of fun and grown into a strong team.” ~Claire

“Our time here in Ireland has been nothing short of amazing. I have been learning so much and have had several first time experiences. Some of these experiences have been less pleasant than others, such as getting pooped on by a bird, but overall it has been a wonderful time of getting to know my team and God.” ~Tiffany

“This whole experience has been awesome. Going to Bray and falling asleep on the beach, climbing to the top of Bray Head to the cross on top, singing on the DART on our way back home and, of course, shopping in Dublin. I got all my gifts for my family and myself in one store….sorry Mommy!  143.” ~Taylor

“This whole trip has been great. Everything from running the OC and rallies to climbing Bray Head and singing on the DART. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This has been the most amazing summer and I am blessed to have such an awesome team!” ~Meredith

“So, while in Ireland, I have been having so much fun. The most fun I have had, however, was in Bray. I went swimming in the Irish Sea fully clothed-jeans and a T-shirt!  It was so much fun. I can’t wait to do more sightseeing in Dublin!” ~Talia

“My most memorable moment was when we came out of a store and some guy came up to us and started asking us for stuff. He went away after Mike politely but firmly told him to leave.” ~Evan
Ireland 7:16-5 Ireland 7:16-1

“My favorite thing that we’ve done in Ireland so far was spending the day in Bray. It was so nice to just sit on the beach and take in all the scenery.” ~Sarah

“Ireland has been an incredible experience! I’ve had such an enriching time. Dong our presentation in church for the first time was probably my favorite part, especially singing the duet that Taylor and I sung. The whole thing was just an amazing time of worshipping together as a team and as part of the body of Christ.” ~Benet

“Ireland is a very pretty place. I loved touring Bray and Dublin. My favorite place was the harbour at Bray, where we got to see a sea lion. We also got to climb on the rocks beside the water and see a good view of the ocean. I also enjoyed doing the presentation on Sunday, especially performing in the drama, Colors.” ~Kaitlyn

“The Irish Sea is so clear and pretty. We hiked to the top of a mountain that reminded me of the Sound of Music. We also went to a church where girls are asked to wear head coverings, which was new to me. Enjoying new experiences here and hoping ever e back home is having a great summer.” ~Eliza



  1. We’re so excited to see you all and to hear the great reports! We are praying daily for you! Love and miss you, Benet! Britt Landon (Mom)

  2. Charles W. Jones

    May God continue to Bless all of you. Chuck

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