Italy Report From 7/11/13

Italy 7:8-5

We have successfully arrived at Campeggio La Roccia in Bobbio Pellice. We have had three longggg days of hiking. On average, we hiked nine hours a day on steep mountainsides. Many or all are sore and tired. We would not have made it without the help of both Luke Neilsons, Zachary Taylor, Ryan Vance, and Eric Latham who all made extra trips up and down in the steep areas to help out those who were struggling. They work so well as a team.

We spent the first night in a refuge Rifugio Quintino Sella. Everyone enjoyed that one night in a real bed. The staff there were so impressed with the discipline and respect from our youth. They said if it had been a group of Italian youth noone would have gotten any sleep. The team has also been able to pass out tracts and witness to hikers on the trail

Luke A Nielson
I have learned that the hard path is the most rewarding. I have never been so tired and sore in my life, yet God has been imparting to me His strength every step of the way. One verse that has stimulated me is Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” I have known that verse my whole life but never before have I truly felt God’s strength in me.

Grace Nation
There is such a significant weight of things that I wish to tell all of you. I shall simply say this; my joints ache but it’s resulting in drawing closer to Jesus. I have become ever so thankful for all that my mother does for me and lastly that during devotions, I have been reading Psalm 103 and I would encourage you to as well. Have a splendid day and know that we are all alive and God is teaching us greatly.





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  1. I watch for updates with great anticipation. I pray daily for the team, for strength, safety and health as you trek through the steep terrain. Luke A.-I love you and am so proud of you!! Auntie Jenn

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