Never A Dull Moment For The Madagascar Team

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Hello again from Madagascar!

So sorry for the late report. The computer is heavily used and had no charge yesterday. The power was out for several hours Monday evening, so we were unable to get this out on time. Hopefully the photos will make up for it.

We have settled in now, begun our classes and are finally getting into somewhat of a schedule. It took a few days to get everything for the motorcyles. Six had dead batteries and needed new ones. We had to buy fuel cans and fuel to get them filled up, as well as oil. The insurance needed to be purchased before we leave for the first day on the Circuit on Wednesday. Sunday we sang a few songs at church and introduced ourselves. In the afternoon we went to Coco Beach! It is about 15 minutes down the road from the base. The team enjoyed swimming in the Indian Ocean and eatubg ice-cream. Monday we had to go into town for food and bike parts, so we took the team to let them buy some souvenirs. The were able to find wood carvings, drums, paintings, handmade bags and baskets, and many other interesting things.

The place we are staying is wonderful. We have a HUGE kitchen with a fridge, freezer, propane stove and oven, and running water. The water filter has been so great, it attaches to the tap and filters it quickly. We have tables and chairs set up in the dining room where we can all sit together for meals. We are sleeping in dorm rooms with four people per room, everyone has a bed with a mattress and mosquito net.

The weather has been mostly sunny and dry. We all were able to get caught up on laundry on Monday. Everyone has been healthy, Maddie True had a bit of congestion while traveling, but it has cleared up.

Our ministry will officially begin Wednesday afternoon. The team will leave on motorcycles from the base and go with the Circuit Riders to teach Sunday School each afternoon Wednesday through Sunday for about four hours each day. This will be the first time the children will be taught phonics in English. There are very few people who know any English here. Liva & Nomena are a big help to us for translating for the team. Liva will travel with the team every day until Boot Camp begins here in Madagascar.

Deven Deck- So far our team reached Madagascar safely along with all our luggage. It’s been a blast and very different because I haven’t been out of the US before. It’s very interesting, but fun.

Caleb Owens- After Boot Camp finished, we spent three days traveling to Madagascar. I knew it would be very different than my trip to Russia two years ago. So far, It has been amazing and I can already tell it’s going to be life changing. Playing basketball with the little kids and bonding with my awesome teammates have been the best memories so far. Thank you all for praying for me and I love you mom!

Zach Campbell- We are in Madagascar! It’s hot during the day and freezing at night and in the mornings. It’s been really cool meeting some of the kids here on the TMI base. I really glad I touched up on my French before I got here. Love you guys!

Cache Anderson- There is so much I could say. I have had an amazing time and God has already taught me so much. Every day I pray that He would continue to work in all of us. God is so good.

Hannah Williams- Since our arrival, we have gone to the beach, souvenir shopping, played soccer with some of the kids and witnessed one of the most incredible worship services of my life. I’m having an amazing trip! The three days of flying and 16 hours of traveling on the bus were worth it all! I want to Hi to my family, I love and miss you, peace out girl scouts!

Bella Mckay- Hey World! Madagascar is amazing! The 14 hr bus ride didn’t even feel as long because of the wonderful team bonding. Tomorrow we ride the motorcycles, so we are quite excied. See ya later!

Elizabeth Toney- Hey real world out there! We made it! After four days of travel, we arrived at the TMI base in Mahajanga. In the days since, we have visited the market, swam in the Indian Ocean, and cleaned up the base here, but in all our experiences, we have learned so much about the people and culture. We start riding the Circuit Wednesday and everyone is so excited. Bye Y’all!

Hunter Heibenstreit-So Madagascar is awesome. The first few days have been amazing, except for when I was bit in the eye by a chameleon.. that was interesting. I’m looking forward to riding the Circuits soon. If my family and my amazing girlfriend Jayna see this, I love and miss all of you!

Maddie True- Salama (Malagasy greeting) We are finally in Madagascar! Saturday we slept in because we got to the Base at 2am. All we really did that day was play with some of the kids for an hour. Sunday we went to church and after the sermon we sang a few songs and Cache Anderson gave his testimony. After lunch we went to the beach and got ice-cream (Yum! I got Lemon and Vanilla) Today, we did some souvenir shopping (got some vanilla). When I was done, I got a 1 liter coke. Love and miss y’all mom, dad, and mason!



  1. It’s great to hear how it is going so well. Keep safe and healthy. I’m praying for each one of you.

  2. I find all these messages so inspiring. What an awesome and uplifting time these kids are having. Our God is an awesome God. What He is doing in the hearts of this team will be such a blessing. We pray daily for them, and know the Lord’s Hand is over each one.

    Caleb’s Grammy…(love you Caleb, from both Papa and I)

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