Peru Is Excited To See The Building Going Up

It´s hard to believe that we´ve already been in Pucallpa for nearly a week! The team adjusted quickly and have made many friends here. They often comment how the church members make them feel like family and we praise the Lord for such a welcoming community. The Pastor´s house is making very good progress! The foundation for the pillars have been poured and today the team is working on pouring the footers. On Saturday, we were able to take a walk down the road and enjoy the sights of Lake Yarina, along with a little souvenir shopping, as well as visit a small zoo where we got to see monkeys and some parrots! Hannah Brubaker and Lindsay Robinson enjoyed watching the toucans and other parrots. On Sunday, the team held Sunday School with the children of the El Shaddai church and got to present puppets and play with the kids. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures and interacting with the team.  Thank you for your prayers…they are appreciated!
I am having a great time here in Peru working on a pastor´s house. The things I´m learning here will last a lifetime and so will the friends. Being here, I really feel closer to God more than ever, and I look forward to sharing this message back home to my friends and family. – Eric Mahon
Our experience in Peru so far has been astounding. Our very first day here was spent getting to know the people of the church and community but the next day we got straight to work. So far, in just a few days, we have been able to dig the foundation, begin filling it with concrete, and cut and position the rebar for the columns of the house! It´s hard, dirty work, but so worth it to see the building start to take form. While we have been here, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people in the church and especially Pastor Demos and his wife, Judy. God is truly present in the hearts of these people and to build a house for them is really the least we could do. – Sarah Martin

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