The Arizona Team Is Enjoying Their Ministries

Hey Family and Friends at home! Team Arizona is having a great time. This past weekend we were able to attend church on the Navajo Reservation. The kids were able to share their songs that they have been working hard on and they were taught “Jesus Loves Me” in Navajo. We have been putting down a bunch of mulch and doing some landscaping. The team also has been moving furniture from cabin to cabin to prepare for the upcoming camp. This week there is a VBS going on here and we hope to be able to help out with that. We have been doing a lot of team-building activities. Tonight we blindfolded half of the group and had the other half lead them along on a path. They learned really quick how to depend on each other. Please keep praying for our teams health.  We have had one come down with strep throat and several others have congestion, sore throats  and tummy troubles. We see God really working in the lives of the kids and it is our privilege to be their leaders.





  1. Terri Schneberger

    Hi team Arizona, I wanted to tell Amanda how proud I am of how she chose to spend
    Her summer serving The Lord. Amanda, I know you’ll come back to the FCS campus as an
    Amazing leader ready to influence others for Christ.

    Continue being God’s girl and hurry back to us,
    Mrs. Schneberger

  2. Praying for the girls to get better!! Counting down the days to hold my girl in a hug!! Yea Bella like Teddy’s mom said how bout some letters… can write while you are sick!!!! Love you guys.

  3. Praying for you all. Especially Hattie sick with strep. Send my love to her.

  4. Casey Schneider

    Hi everyone, We are praying for all of you. Teddy how about some letters? I know you have got something to share.

  5. Well hello Team Arizona. Sounds like you are just having issues with sickness. You all better get well soon so that when you get back Jordyn can come and spend some time at Debrief. She misses each one of you and can’t wait to see you soon.Get well and spread the Gospel little ones!!!!! Love from Florida

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