Wow, God Is Doing Some Amazing Things!

Honduras 7:13-4
“It’s been great to see God work in Honduras through us. The number of people who have come up to accept Christ is amazing. Remember even if one came up for the whole trip, Heaven rejoices. I can’t wait to get home and do God’s work there. Being in Honduras doing missions has shown me once more that I don’t have to wait to leave the U.S. to spread the gospel.” –Matthew Elliott
“When I first arrived at Teen Missions, I can honestly say that I was not focused on Christ. I believe now that I came to Teen Missions to basically just leave the country. Since my arrival day, since I first set my toe out of the bus, I have been learning things—team work, respect, listening, prayer, perseverance, etc. Before Teen Missions, I can honestly say that I did not see the purpose in prayer. When I arrived at Boot Camp with my brother, the first thing that happened was the director of Teen Missions prayed with us. From that day on we would pray for everything, for classes, food, leaders, teammates, our family, everything. I have learned to pray for everything. I am pleased to say that prayer will become a firm habit of mine hopefully to the end of my days. I am thankful for Teen Missions and it’s impact on my life and am excited to come back next year.”–Victor Harrison
“Well our trip is almost over. This country is so beautiful with the mountains and waterfalls and I must admit that I am not looking forward to leaving. Praise God for all the people that have accepted His gift of salvation! It is a very big encouragement to my team and I to see that what we are doing in making an impact. The BMW students are very friendly and I have enjoyed getting to know them and playing games with them. We have been enjoying great meals thanks to our great cooks! Please pray for safety and health for our team as we enter into our last week of work and our sightseeing days. Also, please pray that we will continue to grow in Jesus Christ. Lastly, thanks to my supporters, family, friends, and Teen Missions for allowing me to have this opportunity. To God be the Glory.” –Arri Torres
“I came on this trip for sightseeing and bragging rights that I have been in a different country. Little did I know that I would grow so close to God. I realized that I’m trying to use God as a back up plan, for when things mess up. Through this trip God has convicted me of not being where I should be in my walk with Christ. Being away from the media and friends and family has helped me focus on the Lord. This trip also helped me make some awesome friends that can and have encouraged me throughout the trip. Yes, sightseeing is great, but unlike at the beginning of the trip, it is at the bottom of the list now. Growing in my relationship with God is at the top.”– Daymian Green
“I have really loved Honduras so far. I enjoy every day, and feel like my team is my family. At first I thought I would hate it, but I was wrong. My leaders are great role models for anyone to follow as an example, and I can’t wait to see how God works in my life these last 2 weeks. I hope to come back to Teen Missions next year and continue to grow in my faith.”–Tayler Schankweiler
As you can see by reading your children’s updates they are truly experiencing God in a real way. As leaders, that is all we could ask for. We can try and live as an example for your children, as you yourselves try to do, and hold them accountable according to God’s word,  but it’s up to them to recognize God in His infinite power reaching out to them in a personal way. When they realize that God craves intimacy with them chance happens. Kids, who at the beginning at the trip didn’t open their bibles for anything, are now asking for notebooks to write down what they are learning from reading scripture.
This trip is for your children. Yes they reach out to the people in the countries they go to and become a blessing in many different ways, but the deeper meaning behind teens becoming involved in missions is for them to see God as they may never have before. It empowers them to be bold and have courage, believing what it says in Romans 8:31, “What then shall we say to these things? If God if for us, who can be against us?” I enjoy seeing teen come to this point. To see true understanding that the gospel is important to proclaim.
We have been having a good time and are pleased to say that we were sickness free for a little over a week. Praise God! We did have Charlotte Green sick yesterday but told us later that night that she was feeling much better. She is up and working as I write. Our last EV week was a success. We had 304 decisions for Christ. Which brings us to a total of 822 souls!!!! I do not believe that God is finished using this team to draw Hondurans into a relationship with Him. I to ask you to pray that God would continue to use us in this way. Maybe we can reach 1000 maybe 2000! God is big! May the Lord bless you.

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  1. We are so glad that God is using our children to reach people in Honduras. Arri, mom and I are so proud to have you be a part of this ministry!!! We love you so much! We miss you here but at the same time we are so glad you are where you need to be right now!! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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