A Report From Russia

Russia 7:17-8 Russia 7:17-4 Russia 7:17-12

Greetings from Krasnaya Niva!  Well, challenges because of language persist! I am sorry – this report is late, but trying to work on a computer that speaks Russian is difficult. This report was complete and ready to sent yesterday as Word Document and I thought I’d saved it, but alas, I hadn’t. After the Boot Camp ends, I hope we can be more prompt.  Pictures are also a challenge – the computer here has little memory left for downloading, and Lyuda is the one who knows how to do them with the thumb drive. I am hoping to send several later on today.

The team has continued to help with the Boot Camp by helping judge the O.C. and has continued to work on the platform for the Preteen rally area. However, their work has been put on pause due to the weather. The team has also had the chance to become more involved in the evening rallies by presenting skits. Andrew Cramer helps with rally music by playing his guitar. Morgan McGowan, along with some of the Russian team members, also had a chance to share their testimonies Sunday.  he last two duffels arrived. The personal one was ok, the food one was a huge mess!


  1. that’s my boy Matthew Gould in the orange shirt holding up the wall, it is great to see him in some of the pictures we are really proud of him to be able to spread Gods word with others
    We miss you

  2. It is so good to hear from Russia! Our family is praying for Hannah and each of you daily. We will add weather, health and more ministry op’s to our list! Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Courageous for Christ! Hugs to all. 🙂

  3. Awesome report. I’m so pleased to read my son Andrew is playing his guitar for the rallies. He loves to play and was excited to bring his guitar this year (this is his third summer with TMI – he was on the Malawi Guitar team last summer and discovered a love and talent for teaching guitar). I spotted him in one of the pictures. Love that smile!

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