An Update From Peru

We are thrilled to write a good report on the progress of the pastor´s house! Yesterday the team worked hard to finish pouring the footer, and today they are adding on a little more to make it floor-level. Clare Cook and Lindsay Robinson have been doing a great job in helping put the forms up so that the concrete can go in the footer! It´s so wonderful to watch the team work together and become more unified every day. They have really put effort into the project and they love to see it all come together. Last night, Max Stricker gave his testimony during group devos and it was a wonderful reminder of God´s awesome plan for each of our lives. Please continue to pray for us that we will have the strength to complete the huge task at hand! We pray for you all at home daily.
Hannah Brubaker – The work here is hard, but very rewarding. I have no idea how many loads of concrete we mixed yesterday, but we got the footer done, so that´s pretty amazing. Thank God! We´ve been making new friends among the Peruvians…they´re so friendly and the kids have so much energy. We all laugh a lot when we´re together and Spanglish seems to accomplish quite a bit regardless of the language barrier. It´s very different here, but I´m finding that I like it. People are really friendly here as well – we get hugs and kisses on Sunday mornings which is something I can´t say I´ve ever experienced before, at least not on such a large scale. I like it though, it makes me feel welcome. Work is progressing well and the team is bonding together. Please keep praying for strength, courage, and help and that God will bless what we´re doing here. Thanks!
Casey Como – The people here in Peru are so nice! They always smile and make us food. I´m so blessed to be here, helping to build the pastor´s house.




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