Buenos Dias From The Panama Team

Panama 7:18 Panama 7:18-2

Buenos Dias from Ogobsucun! It’s hard to believe we only have on week left on this beautiful island! The people here have shown us amazing hospitality!  On Satuday, the ladies of the church brought us lobster, crab, and coconut rice!  It was a wonderful meal! Sunday is the national children’s day and we are going to take part in a parade around the island and do presentations in both villages. We are expecting the rest of of roofing supplies and concrete to arrive today so we can finish our building project. The team is working hard and the building is looking good

This week our team devos were led by jake, Hayden and Daisy. Jake shared his favorite Bible story about Aiken and reminded the team that one person’s sin can affect all of us. Daisy and Hayden shared their testimonies. It has been so good to hear each ones journey through their Christian walk. Last night before devos, Nellie and Lilliana spent a lot of time talking together and we were able to rejoice in Lilliana praying and giving her life completely on The Lord!!!!  What a blessing to share!!

Next Thuraday, we will travel by boat back to Panama City and see the Panama Canal. On Friday next week, we fly back to the US. We all are coming to realize how little time we have left here and try not to think about how hard it will be to leave the friends we have made here

Thank you for your prayers. They definitely sustain us!  And your prayers are making such a difference!

We will see you all soon!  The team received mail again on Tuesday and they were so excited to get mail from home!

See you all again very soon!!

From Brittany:  Saturday we got to go to a nearby island to swim on a sandy beach. We took a large canoe to get there… That was quite an experience. The canoe had a few small holes and we all took turns bailing water!  The beach was beautiful and the water was so clear!  We snorkeled and swam and then returned to a dinner of lobster and crab bisque coconut rice and plaintain delight!


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