Cameroon Is Loving The Culture And People

As this week comes to an end, we have so much to be thankful for here in Cameroon. I have asked several of the team members what specifically they are thankful for and here are a few things that they came up with:  “We are thankful for the mountains and the view we wake up to each morning.” We are so high up (4,000 feet), that almost every morning there is a dense fog that sits in-between the mountains. We wake up in the clouds every morning!! What a blessing! “We are also thankful for the cool weather and the daily rains.” Because we are so high up and it rains everyday, the temperature is very comfortable in a t-shirt or sweatshirt when it gets a little chilly; with that said, we are still very thankful for the roof over our heads that keeps us dry every day. “We are thankful for the time that we have had to get to know each other better.”  We have daily Bible marking classes, and are also taking a class called Grubby to Grace. During this time we have opportunities to discuss Bible passages, and personal experiences. This has brought us closer together as a team and has helped us get to know one another better. The more time that goes by, the closer we become and we are thankful for that. “We are thankful for tea time.” Every day, sometime in the afternoon, the team has the opportunity to have hot tea.  They look forward to this time and say that it is very calming and reminds them of home. “We are thankful that team members don’t complain all the time when they aren’t feeling well.” Here in Cameroon, they put palm oil in everything they cook and for a few of us it causes the food to run right through you! Despite this, the team remains in good spirits and are very supportive of one another.
 In addition to asking the team what they were thankful for here in Cameroon, I asked them if there were any specific team members they wanted to appreciate, this is what they had to report: The team wanted to thank Katherine Harrison for helping team members memorize their memory verses, and YanaTarankov and Emma Armstrong have been very good listeners to many of the team members who have just needed someone to listen to them. The team is really learning how to support one another and listening has become a quality that is very much appreciated.
 Yana Tarankov – The first time we ran the Obstacle Course, I was told that jumping over the slough was hard. Since I am an athlete, I was like “yeah right, it won’t be hard for me.” So when the moment came, I ran for the rope and let go when I was half way across. I went all the way under the water. When I came out, I was like “what just happened?”  During devotions I was dwelling on falling in. So when I was reading the Bible, I realized that I had pride and that God humbles those who are prideful. On the plus side, my boots go wet so it was easier to break them in. Every day after that I prayed before going over the slough.
Megan McEwen – My time in Cameroon has been absolutely incredible. I love the cool weather, the mountains and the classes we teach. But the best part is interacting with the people. Every encounter teaches me new things; whether I am playing with village kids, or speaking French in Douala, or hearing stories from students and adults here at the base. The lessons I am learning from God and from my new friends here will be valuable for the rest of my life.
Megan McEwen – One of the most eye-opening experiences I have had was on our drive from Douala to the base. We started out in the city; people and motorcycles were everywhere! I loved practicing my French and talking to street vendors there. As we got more into the country, we saw many small villages, often with very poor housing. It was a new perspective for me to see small children playing in front of the dilapidated houses, and it changes your view of the world.  That six-hour drive really touched me. It changed my world perspective forever. We, as North Americans, are truly blessed and we need to be grateful for the riches that God has given us.


  1. Great report, Emma. Sounds like you are a good listener like your mom. Keep it up.

  2. Love you Emma, It is good to receive the updates.

  3. Wonderful report, thank you for the update. it’s great to hear about the mission trip through the eyes of the teens. Can’t help but to think that the Lord is using this time to strengthen the bond between team members in order to prepare them for what awaits them at the orphanages. Praying for you all. Love and miss you Kara!

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