Indiana – A Thousand Seeds

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God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! Over the course of this past week and a half the Indiana and Scotland teams have surveyed and shared the gospel with over one thousand individuals face to face – eighty-three of the people we have surveyed have come to accept Christ as their personal Savior, and the teams have passed out hundreds of Bibles with special TTT covers to people who are in desperate need of the Word of God. Although we see many turn away from the Gospel truth and walk away from our booth still lost in their sins, we trust that God’s Word does not return void, and that just because we aren’t seeing the harvest doesn’t mean we aren’t being used to plant seeds!
With the new week has come new opportunities. The team really enjoyed their time at Holiday World in Santa Clause, Indiana – needless to say we returned to TTT exhausted and sore-footed, but thankful for the day of fun. On Tuesday we went to a newly opened fair in Warrick, Indiana, and for the first time in a while the entire team got to experience the same fair together. We shared the gospel with over a hundred people that night, and with all of us together we had enough people to put on dramas and puppet shows to draw the crowds. It was hotter than usual, and we had very little shade to work with, but the team pulled through and were able to share the love of God despite the mild discomfort.
There are many little things that can happen during a summer to pull a team apart, but the Indiana team is growing closer everyday as they learn how to love and serve one another with Christ’s love, and work together with one mind. Yesterday was our weekly work day, and we spent most of our time on TTT property working on the Tabernacle – polishing bases, securing the outer wall against storms, etc. Yesterday was another hot day, but again the team pulled through and worked joyfully unto the Lord. We learned a lot about team work and ‘stepping up’ to take responsibility when something needs to get done.
All together, our summer is shaping up to be a fantastic one – and it’s flying by at a rapid pace. We’re anticipating going back to the fairs tonight and tomorrow night to share the gospel with many more people, and this time our team of eleven will be split into three groups together with the TTT “Tiger” teens so that we can hit three fairs at once (Boonville, IN, Petersburg, IN, and Calhoun, KY).  Please continue to pray for us as we endeavor towards the expansion of the Kingdom of God.
Ben Harris – It’s been really encouraging seeing everyone grow as a team and in their relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m curious to see what God has planned for us throughout the summer. All I know is it’s going to be good. Seeing everyone at the fairs turn down Christ gets discouraging, but then we get that one who really understands and truly accepts Christ and my whole day is turned around. The Holy Spirit is really working in the hearts of many.
Skylar Miller – Well, I have really felt the Lord’s presence here this summer – no doubt about that! We have over one thousand one-on-one surveys and eighty to ninety people have accepted God. Isn’t that just awesome? The work on the Tabernacle has gone great. The Scotland team has built a chapel in the woods – it looks great, but there’s a lot of ticks!  It’s only been one and a half weeks being here and I can’t wait to see what the Lord does by the end of the summer.




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  1. Thank you again for another great report and pictures. So very happy for both teams and all their work. Continue blessing those around you. We will continue to pray for your strength to finish your tasks in the hot summer heat. Love and miss you

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