Madagascar Has Enjoyed Their First Week

Madagascar 7:16-3Wednesday was our first day to do the Sunday School Circuit. We will go to a different Sunday School every day until Monday. We will then have two days of rest (Monday and Tuesday) and start again on Wednesday.

It was great to see our team serve at our first Sunday School in Betsoka even though we did not have our translator. The people of the “bush” gave us a pleasant welcome. Some communities can be rather afraid of the Circuit Riders, but they all seemed rather joyous and giddy. Though the language barrier was vast, it did not stop them the smiles and laughter from coming as they played “Duck, Duck, Goose” and “Do as I do.” The team also got to teach the children songs like Jesus Loves Me, Give Me a J and I Will Call Upon the Lord.

The weather here has been perfect; almost no humidity, sunny days, cool breeze, and beautiful blue skies.

Our future plans consist of riding the circuits and on our days off next week, we hope to go to a nearby cave where the team can go hiking, swimming and hopefully see some lemurs.

We are more than excited to see what God has planned for us during the rest of our time here and we certainly appreciate your prayers.


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  1. Go team! Very proud of you doing our Lords works.
    Colonel Redmon has requested a picture of his compass on someone’s handle bars… Hint hint…

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