Malawi Is Finishing Strong

Malawi EBC 7:14
The wind is blowing across the base, causing the laundry we washed yesterday to wave like colored flags. The breeze is appreciated in the afternoon, when the desert sun is beating down on us in the sand and the bush.
Everyone is working hard, looking like ants on the construction site in their hard hats and gloves. Our project is coming along nicely. We have begun laying bricks for the walls. On more then one occasion, the team has asked to work during free time because they are enjoying the job. It shows in their work.
Those who are not laying bricks are assisting the Malawian BC leaders in preparing for their BC, which will begin the day we leave. Between clearing spots for tent sites, painting signs, and setting up the O.C., everyone is staying busy. Hunter Linssen had a time of it when painting a tire for the Ten Plagues obstacle. Not because the job was particularly challenging, but because a curious little boy kept leaning on her freshly painted letters, inspecting her handiwork. As she wiped the edge of a letter with a rag, he was tracking more paint around with his hands, oblivious to the fact until she gently chided him.
The past few days have been uneventful. Small things like the chickens drinking our dish water and having to chase away the dogs during dinner so they don’t eat from our pans are part of our every day experience. We may miss these things when we return home.
We are looking forward to finishing what we can here in Rumphi in the next few days and once the weekend comes, we will pack up and go on a Safari, then back to Chipoka and on to the States. How time flies!
p.s. We have attempted the last two reports to send a picture, but the internet is uncooperative. Sorry for the inconvenience!!!




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