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Greetings from the South Africa Preteen Team!
Between foot washing and evangelism, we have been very busy here in South Africa. Yesterday (July 17th) we left the church in Kwamlanga, that we had been at since July 13th, to return to the Teen Missions South Africa Base. Goodbyes are never easy and were especially difficult this time as we had grown close to the members of the Charity Fellowship Church in Kwamlanga. Many of the members even came out to say fairwell to the team. They were deeply touched by our chance to wash their feet as well as our sharing the love of God with them. Many were very moved by the passion that these young people showed.

While in Kwamlanga, we also had the opportunity to evangelize at the Charity Fellowship Care Center (aka preschool) and at a strip mall. While the team was preparing the share at the Care Center, a small boy approached the team as they were gathered to pray and joined in the prayer. At the strip mall, a crowd of nearly 60 gathered to witness the outpouring of God that our team showed. We passed out many tracts and witnessed to countless individuals. The team members showed no fear while doing this and were very emboldened by Christ.

Three nights, while in Kwamlanga, we had the chance to attend revival services in a church member’s home. The team would share a part of their presentation and then either Pastor Amos, Jason Shrock, or Brook Braswell would share a message with the attendees. The team truly enjoyed this time and were able to connect with God on a new level. We also got the opportunity to lead a gentleman in the crowd to Christ on the last evening. It was a great time of fellowship and learning more about God’s power and love.

We will remain at the base for one more night and then it’s off to Tabazimbie, where we will be doing more foot washing and evangelizing among the squatter camps. The team is very excited for this experience and can’t wait to share the gospel with more of the South African people. Next time you hear from us we will be on the road!


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  1. Glad to hear all is going well. We will keep up the prayers here for your journey. love you Trevor C

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